The Mega Maga Mind Meltdown

The MEGA MAGA MIND MELTDOWN VOL. I and VOL. II take a highly biased & deeply objective look at the psychological pitfalls, propaganda-tricks, and logical fallacies contributing to that utterly irrational, frequently flabbergasting, and often outright dangerous behavior of MAGA-minds in Trump’s America. The two-volumes of this book provide you with all the necessary background on the psychological and propagandistic schemes behind the gobsmacking irrationality of your MAGA-hat wearing neighbors, family-members, friends, and colleagues – as well as with a number of practical options to successfully identify and counter most of the Trumpministration’s and Trumpists’ arguments and debate-strategies. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Price: 2.99
Author: S.J. Brede
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