Free: The Case for Freedom (The Freedom Driven Life Series)

The Case for Freedom, the first book in The Freedom Driven Life series, is an investigation into the reality of Freedom and how it has been either embraced or rejected (mostly rejected) throughout human history. Simply put, there is no Freedom to embrace if there are multiple diverse definitions, and especially if Freedom is whatever […]

Donald Trump and Voices of the 2nd American Revolution

Warning: If you are politically correct, DO NOT read this book. Discretion is required. It’s lewd, rude, and nude. It’s filled with intellectual human nakedness. M.I.L.K is an acronym for Make Independent Life Knowledgeable. Freedom of speech is the corner stone of MILK. But MILK also means milk. Mother’s milk: natural breast milk. The most […]

YOUR Heart & Mind: 11 Tools To Improve Your State of Being

Eleven core aspects – which include integrity, originality, consciousness, conscience, character, reality, freedom and personal growth – have the power to elevate you to a better and enlightened version of yourself. If you know and deeply understand the core things which impact yourself and others, then you have the priceless tools and insight to live […]

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