Thrive Anyway

Thrive Anyway: Discover How To Heal Your Broken Heart from Divorce, Bad Breakup: Recover from the 9 Stages of Grief, Manage Stress & Anxiety; Create Healthy Relationships

Thrive Anyway is an empowering, simple guide that will help you through the roller coaster of emotions that naturally occur during divorce or a major relationship breakup. While you may be in a great deal of pain and struggling to believe that you can live without your former partner, the truth is NOW is the best time to recreate your life on your terms. Are you still recovering from a bad breakup or a divorce? Wouldn’t you like to know the dos and don’ts of going through a bad relationship breakup or divorce? Are you ready to heal your broken heart from your divorce, grieve your dysfunctional relationship and move on to a happier healthy you? $0.99 on Kindle.

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