You’re Welcome: A Dog Lovers Novel

Amazon Best selling Author A.J. Arentz’s You’re Welcome is a heartwarming, inspiring and laugh-out-loud story that’s inspired by true events, and narrated by our furry best friend. Ludo, a German Shepherd and Melody, a young high-spirited woman, find each other needing one another more than they know to make it through the perils life has […]


Darkly witty and compulsively readable, Barbara de la Cuesta’s novella lets us into the private life and secret thoughts of Rosa, an undocumented home health aide grappling with menopause and her unruly body, as she moves her life out of the margins and into the sun with the power of confession. $1.99 on Kindle.

Locked Gray / Linked Blue: Stories

Ukwu wields the constraints of the short story as if she had invented them expressly to connect us to each other in this glinting and razor-sharp collection of linked short stories. Family dynamics, bad romance, work, and money haunt the New Yorkers in these stories as they nevertheless triumph. $1.99 on Kindle.

Free: Flashlight

In San Bernardino, near the end of the twentieth century, the Fifth Street Crew—who insist they are most certainly not a crew—are bored to tears by their lived reality. The teenagers share a universal thirst for something transformative, something magical to change absolutely everything. For all the gossip about the local gay bakery-owner, crime, smokes, […]

Believe Me: The Story of a Narcissist

Kennedy Kilpatrick was born into the world of privilege. His immigrant parents built an empire from the ground up. By the time their son was born, they had amassed a great fortune. Ken had a tendency to exaggerate everything. Despite this – or maybe because of it – he found himself surrounded by devoted followers. […]

We Run Bad

America’s in the throes of the Great Recession, and Tim’s dreams of flipping a house have collapsed along with the housing market. After abandoning his new home as a lost cause, he’s caught up in the poker craze and moves to Atlantic City with a new dream of “playing poker for a living”, but soon […]

Free: My Summer Friend

LOVE, OBSESSION, SECRETS: Charismatic college student Ed Grey’s life is a carousel of one night stands until inheriting his childhood home after his grandparent’s death. As summer arrives, he moves in, reliving his past as a quiet, shy, loner by day and obsessively watching for his childhood crush Elise through his telescope by night. The […]

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