Living in the Doctor’s Nest

“Ready?” the obstetrician asked as he turned his head towards me, his body still facing the mother. He was looking directly at me at that point, so I just nodded, and with his arm in position, he entered the mother and pierced the membranes to expedite the delivery.” This is a collection of short stories […]

A Shark in the Bath and Other Stories

The hotel manager was horrified. Well, he would be, wouldn’t he? There’s a shark in a guest’s bath. How did it get there? Only author John Reid Young knows. He also knows he’s in deep trouble. Hotel sharks aren’t the only surprise in this charming collection of short stories set in Spain’s Canary Islands…$0.99 on […]

Of Dust and Tides

One choice can change the course of a life. In this short story collection, featuring different genres, the characters make the best decisions they can at a certain moment in time. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t we all face this dilemma at different points in our lives? We do the best we […]

Trying to Live Happily Ever After

If you were Cinderella, how would you deal with your stepsisters and the horrors of home life? Old folk tales are about how to handle evil siblings and handsome princes. And big bad wolves. There are lessons to be learned! “Trying to Live Happily Ever After” is a collection of 17 adaptations of classic stories […]

Writing to Heal the Pain: Stories and Poems

One of the best ways to transform emotional pain is by writing about it. This is a collection of stories and poems the author published after the traumatic loss of her career, income, status, friends, and, ultimately, personal identity. Sharing her thoughts and feelings about it unexpectedly changed the author’s life in the most beneficial […]

Story Monsters Ink

Story Monsters Ink Magazine gives teachers, librarians, and authors the latest news on award-winning and debut books, celebrity and indie author interviews, book reviews, reading lists, and more. Free for 30 Days, then $9.99 Annually.

America: The Series

A combination of everything American. All four books in one boxed set, uplifting and inspirational tales that bring a smile to your face and make you proud to be an American. Being conflicted is about feeling positive and negative about something at the same time, and being unable to shake off the uncomfortable feeling it […]

Locked Gray / Linked Blue: Stories

Ukwu wields the constraints of the short story as if she had invented them expressly to connect us to each other in this glinting and razor-sharp collection of linked short stories. Family dynamics, bad romance, work, and money haunt the New Yorkers in these stories as they nevertheless triumph. $1.99 on Kindle.

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