Free: America: The Series

“Donald L. Gilleland echoes a concern of many people… inspiring and worth learning about.” –BlueInk Review. All four books of the America series. An author’s perspective on America and its growth, with personal and uplifting stories, cultural differences, worldly views, and our most common conflicts. Free on Kindle.

A View of British Politics

After three years of a parliament in chaos, Boris Johnson’s 2019 General Election victory has stabilized the House of Commons and left the Labour Party in disarray. But why do politicians go so wrong in believing certain individuals are worthy of power when from the outset some leaders have little hope of winning? My theories […]

Free: Beyond 2020: A Story of Liberty Lost, Hope and Recovery

No one could have predicted it. Despite an impressive list of accomplishments, Donald Trump was denied what should have been an assured election victory in November 2020. In the weeks and months that followed, the voices of talk radio sounded the warning that the New Socialism would methodically suppress the freedoms promised in the Constitution, […]

The Stranger Among You

Flying under the radar of the national media is a faith-based refugee resettlement movement that sees people from across the political spectrum working shoulder to shoulder to help refugees. Trump voters and Clinton voter, pro-choicers and pro-lifers, the religious and the secular, conservatives and liberals stand on common ground on an issue that looks polarizing […]

Through My Eyes: The USA

The USA – the land of the future, the land of prosperity, success, glamor, and bling…But is it really (only) that? Through this book and my eyes, you will come to feel the pulse of the “promised land”. This story is a mash-up of my own awkward experiences on the other side of the great […]

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