Reeling from a disastrous love affair, plus-size model and budding fashion designer Anya Litton needs a temporary refuge, a place to lick her wounds and plan her next career move. At Club Inferno, where seductively chic men and women indulge their most intimate fantasies, she can mix business with unimaginable pleasure. Anya quickly connects with […]

Rock Star’s Curvy Beauty

Mia: I’ve always been a fan of his music and his muscles. The way he moves onstage makes me dream about him offstage in all those ways a good girl like me isn’t supposed to. But now the Rock Star has had a contest and I’ve won 3 days with him. Just the two of […]

Her Protection

I’m done with Tilucci. I’m only doing it to give my daughter the life she deserves. I’m not the guy that Jane, that fine reporter, thinks I am. And when I say fine, I mean it more than just her work. I need to help her to get rid of this life of drugs and […]


Mandy was having a seriously crappy day. And that was before she was snatched from Earth by bad-ass alien warriors in need of brides. Taken to a high-tech space station designed to entice human women, LA socialite Mandy is anything but impressed. She’s not falling for their holographic fantasy suites, their promise of a dream […]

Zarronian Warriors Box Set

VALAN’S BONDMATE – Valan Eirikson needs a bondmate to survive but his anger and pride won’t let him accept Wrothian Lia ad-San as a mate. When he does the unforgivable only love can make her want him again. THORN’S BONDMATE – Thorn Valanson is a ruthless, unforgiving warrior who’s sworn to protect the Zarronians’ mating […]

Ballerina for the Bratva

My father is gone and it’s up to me to run the Vanin bratva’s operations now. As the new boss, I need to make a name for myself and find out more about the legacy my father left behind after his sudden death. But that’s not all I find… Her. The ballerina. Her energy and […]

Free: Sweet Promise

Sexy, British celebrity chef Lucas Nash is bringing the heat. I just hope I don’t get burned. When I won the Southern Baking Championships right out of high school, I never imagined how far that success would take me. The first season of my baking show was a hit, and I love what I do. […]

Breaking His Rules

Evan Jackson is on his way to building an empire. As owner of one of the premier fine dining experiences in Florida, he has plans to expand and turn a small sleepy town into a tourist attraction. His restaurants are thriving and he makes sure his employees are happy and well paid. He only has […]

Unworthy of You

Falling in love with the enemy wasn’t my goal. Life has been nothing shy of entertaining since I was a boy. Adopted by the wealthiest family in Qatar. I’m a businessman with no desire for the crown my father wore. But I wasn’t asked my opinion on the matter. My brother’s too young to rule […]

Protection: Sex, Revenge & Romance

A gunshot, then three gals rush into a guy’s city flat, and his life will change forever. This romantic suspense story delivers shocks when they’re least expected. There’s sex, and more sex, painting a picture of unbridled lust and physical depravity, but there are many surprises as the story unfolds and leads the reader to […]

Triple Sext

Is my perfect match on campus one guy or three? I had a filthy fantasy. One so bad that the night before going to college, I had the wildest dream about the all-star football player falling at my feet. I was brought down to reality as I soon found out that life at NYU didn’t […]

Free: Condemned: Volume One

Alex De Luca was only fifteen when she sent the love of her life to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, but now he’s free and only wants one thing: Alex at his mercy. Free on Kindle.

Indebted to a Daddy (Once Upon a Daddy Book 7)

I’m indebted to a man who likes to be called Daddy…My debt is with Corbin Hawthorne. He’s the kind of man that always collects what he’s owed. He treats it like a game. And he won’t even tell me the rules. All I can do is play. I can’t hide. I can’t run.I’m tangled in […]

Free: Kiss of a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 1)

When Dragon Prince Lucian rescues a beautiful woman, he has to seduce her without losing his heart…and before he turns feral and is lost forever. Free on Kindle.


He’s big, he’s bad, and he’s going to turn my life completely upside down. I came back to my small town to escape a dangerous past. I was a good girl who made a hell of a mistake. The moment I meet Gar, I know I’m about to make an even bigger one. Gar says […]

Stay for Me

To Owen Collier, a job is a job. He gets paid to save businesses, cuttings costs and people. No mercy. No attachments. No goodbyes. Simple rules to follow, until Addy Walker. She’s smart and gorgeous with curves he’d love to ride for days. His temporary employee that’s making every single thing harder, especially leaving for […]

First Time His

“I still want what’s mine. Your V-card.” Once my hero. Now my enemy. Apparently my dark SEAL protector. Dom was older. Intense. Experienced. The broken boy next door. I wanted to give him all of me. Then, everything came crashing down. His darkest thoughts revealed. Pages written only for his eyes. His nightmare. His sorrow. […]

Mine Baby

“I should not complicate my already complicated life.” He’s everything I want, and everything I crave. But I have to stay away. We are not meant to be, because we already had our chance, and he doesn’t remember it. “Do you believe in fate? Because it wasn’t meant to be.” $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Besotted

He Promised Forever, then Walked Away. Now he wants her back. Tyler’s Winthrop, rich, handsome, elusive sees his moment to win Regan Howe slipping through his fingers. Regan Howe won her coveted CEO position through hard work and a willingness to buck family tradition. Now, Brandon Hockney, a handsome US Senator with his eye on […]

Free: His Many Demands

My Needs. My Demands. Your Pleasure. You’re Welcome. She had one year left of college when our parents got married. And thanks to being raised in poverty, she needed help with her expenses. My dad, being the benevolent billionaire, stepped up without question. But there was a catch. She had to intern at the firm […]

The Dirty Bird Chronicles Box Set

All seven books together for the first time. Fall in love with seven regency heroines as they navigate the glittering ballrooms of London. Sassy, smart, and sexy, these steamy regency romances will be sure to keep you laughing and give you tons of hours of enjoyment. This box set includes the stories for Maddie, Cece, […]

Professor With Benefits

Trouble is the last thing Professor Kellan Montgomery is looking for, but when he meets a sultry senior with more sass than his red pen, trouble has never looked so good. Yet Sadie’s dark wit and mossy eyes are hiding more secrets than he knows, and only one of them is that she wants him, […]


Warning: the couple in this love story hate each other. But there’s good reason why. Her father owes a huge debt. To a Russian Bratva boss who’s determined to collect. So the boss takes her instead. Until the father can pay what he owes. He doesn’t like the little virginal brat. Until one night he […]

Sweetest Obsessions

25 tempting romances from Sweet to Hot to downright Steamy! Whether your obsession is Alphas, Bad Boys, Friends (or Enemies) to Lovers, or Second Chance Romance, we’ll feed your addiction with 25 drool-worthy heroes in this sizzling collection. Don’t deny your sweet desires. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Right Under My Nose

My life couldn’t get any more ridiculous. A few days ago, my son’s teacher wanted to berate me on my parenting style. I politely told her to f–k off. And now? The right woman has been under my nose the whole time. I’ve fallen deeply in love. Free on Kindle or try the Audio Book version.

My First Love Affair

Love isn’t for the black sheep of the family. Believe me. I’m him. Roses. Chocolates. Love notes. Bullshit. Until it isn’t. Never in a million years did I expect to fall in love. Let alone with her. My favorite childhood enemy. This girl used to make my blood boil just by walking in the room. […]

Baby By Mistake

Royal a$$h0le, daddy’s best friend, and also my new boss. But how on earth did we end up making a baby? Was it just a mistake? $0.99 on Kindle.

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