Seduced by a Stranger

Amidst whispers of murder, Catherine Weston journeys to Cairncroft Abbey. There, she meets enigmatic Gabriel St. Aubyn and must decide if he is a monster or a man she dares to love. A stunning gothic romance. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Blood-Dimmed Tide

On trial for his life. On the trail of a serial killer. While on trial for wrongful death, John Jordan must catch a cunning killer who is using the chaos of the decimated post-Hurricane Michael landscape to hide his heinous acts of cold-blooded murder. John is not only fighting for his very soul but that […]

The Day of First Sun

Annie never saw it coming… …the magical murder of the high profile, non-magical princess. An unexpected meeting between the American Wizard Guard and the FBI finds Annie investigating a straightforward murder case. Or so she thought. The implications of the murder case have chilling consequences for both the non-magical and magical worlds and as Annie […]

Free: Golden Gate

Alton Rhode knows a lot about murder and almost nothing about bitcoins. He soon gets educated about the latter with the help of an unorthodox but brilliant young woman. But his own expertise comes in very handy when he runs into a bunch of Russians and Chinese whose motives are both murderous and mercenary. With […]

Murdered at the Courthouse

A dead judge, a college porn queen, & a castle in Kansas. Clearing her husband’s name is just part of the honeymoon. When the county judge is murdered and Kat’s District Attorney husband of far less than six months is not only a suspect, but now the lead attorney in another murder case, Kat has […]

A Gift for Murder

Greed, jealousy, and anger often lurk below the surface of trade shows and business exhibitions, but murder isn’t usually on the program…. For fifty-one weeks of the year, Heather McNeil loves her job as assistant to the director of the Washington DC Market Show Center. Misplaced shipments, feuding exhibitors, and malfunctioning popcorn machines are all […]

Pleasant Day

Two separate murders, fifteen years apart, unite fifteen-year-old Pleasant Day and sixty-year-old Clarissa Blackwell. As Clarissa uncovers the stories behind the murders both Pleasant Day and Clarissa’s worlds are transformed by the truths they’re forced to accept and both find solace and strength in the shared histories that have shaped them. $2.99 on Kindle.

Window Watcher

Murder is in the eye of the beholder. In this M/M nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window, Heston is a writer who spends most of his life alone in his own little world. One spring day he pulls up his window shades and sees more than he ever imagined. The gorgeous and younger Icarus […]

Free: One Hundred Below

Anyone looking for work at the South Pole is trying to escape something. Haunted by a traumatic past, Dylan Alvarez seeks a fresh start at Sputnik Station, a research facility held up as a model of international cooperation. But when a renowned glaciologist is found murdered and accusations begin to fly, long-buried tensions come to […]


After a man is found murdered in a multimillionaire’s son’s house, it soon becomes clear that it was a contract hit disguised as a robbery. However, the hitman made a mistake and killed the wrong person. The intended target was the owner of the house, Jeff Hackett. The lead investigator, Detective Miranda Murphy, finds evidence […]


A predator stalks a cold northern Minnesotan town. There is talk of wolves walking on two legs and attacking people in the deep woods. Lauren Westlake, resourceful and determined F.B.I Agent, has found a connection between the strange murders in the north and a case file almost a hundred years old. Traveling to the cold […]

One Last Lie

Angela is beautiful and charismatic on the outside. But on the inside, evil rages and she’s determined to get anyone and anything she wants. And now with her biological clock ticking, she seduces her old friend Philip, and his partner Jonathan, into having a child with her through artificial insemination. As time passes, Angela’s mask […]

Apartment 412: Enter at your own risk!

In a small, central California town, the local police are baffled by the murders and disappearances of several residents of an apartment complex. The only clue, a crow’s feather left at the victim’s front door the day before their disappearance. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Slaughter: Origin Story

If you’re a fan of Reacher, Rapp, Harvath or Ryan, this is right up your alley. DJ Slaughter is no hero, though. He is just what happens when you push someone too far. Life ambushed DJ years ago, leaving him bitter and broken. Now, when the same type of evil threatens again, it finds him […]

Deadly Flip, A Home Renovator Mystery

Flipping houses can be deadly! Katelyn takes on a home renovation in Hiptown, Minnesota, that “has history . . . a murder” at BFF Myra’s urging. What was she thinking? Besides the young woman being killed by the home’s prior owner, she learns the girl didn’t get the justice she deserved. Because of a double […]

Murder Fest Key West: Cam Derringer Series (Book 4)

When Cam Derringer’s old friend, bestselling author Cody Paxton, comes to town for a writer’s convention, Murder Fest Key West, he unwittingly brings with him a script of murders and someone is following it to a Tee. Each book in his bestselling series plots a brutal, heinous attack in the prologue. Time isn’t on his […]

Boston Homicide

Officer Danny Sullivan has just become Detective Danny Sullivan, But quickly, his first case with a new partner throws him into a web of secrets, half-truths, and dead women. The conclusion he draws puts him at odds with everyone in his life, and the young detective must decide whether to risk everything to prove his […]

The House of Murder

On the streets of St. Louis, a murderer is running loose, murdering women everywhere he goes. He is ruthless when he kills his victims, for years the police have not been able to catch him, he was notorious for his kills because the women he murdered were brunettes and he cut them a certain way. […]

Coroner to Coroner

Bliss, Texas will never be the same. A murder will make sure of that. The town Sheriff is fat, happy, and useless. Just like his daddy before him and his dad before that. Ethel and Velma Harmon should know. They’ve been around for all three. These two seventy-something sisters-in-law refuse to let their ages slow […]

Artifacts of Death

The body of a murdered ranch hand is discovered in the remote canyon country near Moab, Utah, a mecca for outdoor adventure seekers. The only clue besides a 9-mm slug in the victim’s head is an ancient-Indian potsherd stuck into his chest. Deputy Sheriff Manny Rivera is assigned the case and judges that the killing […]

The Fall of El Pantera

The Fall of El Pantera is a ripping yarn that looks at Irish society in an absolutely honest, absolutely merciless way. Revenge, murder, corruption and the destructive power of fame and wealth are all dealt with in this contemporary thriller set between Ireland, London and Spain. $0.99 on Kindle.

Eve Lloyd’s A Deadline Cozy Mystery (Box Set)

This box set contains five cozy mysteries: Sunny Side Up: Taking a vacation to relaunch her new life, Eve Lloyd finds herself in the thick of a murder investigation with the finger of suspicion pointed her way. Snuffed Out: Eve Lloyd, a death knell? Eve refuses to believe her choice of words had something to […]

Random Revenge

Enter the sordid world of aspiring and desperate actors and actresses in the no-holds-barred scramble to make it to the big time, where sex is a currency—and a price—way before they reach Hollywood. Detective Robert Winter is tested in a world where the players will stop at nothing to succeed and have the ability to […]

Free: The Blowhard Devil

An enchanting night is all it takes for a devil to delineate the crest of madness, chaos, and ingenuity. The Blowhard Devil is a prodigious crime novel which takes you to a ride as never before. It pictures the war between a brilliant detective and a psychotic serial killer. Who’d you stand with? Sanity or […]

Free: A Different Kind of Fire & Fury (Mystery)

Detective Michelle Velasquez kicks ass with the Santa Fe Police Department, and she’ll need all her moxie May, 2013 as she’s assigned two cases which may be related. She’s assigned a vicious rape case of Maria Acevedo, an intern with the Jones Financial Group, as she gets a call from an old friend, Richard Stanberry […]

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