Vagus Nerve

Vagus Nerve

You have probably happened to feel stressed, anxious or even just tired without any apparent reason. Well! You should know that there is a practical and natural method that will allow you to solve all these problems!

At school you were probably taught that our nervous system allows us to stimulate the voluntary and involuntary activities of our psychophysical apparatus; but know that it also has another significant function which is that of self-healing. Ask yourself this question: where did all the pains you experienced during your life originate from? From your mind, or rather from your brain! Well, know that there are some very simple exercises that allow the training of our vagus nerve with the aim of helping the nervous system to heal any kind of ailment.

This book will teach you:

– A deeper knowledge of the nervous system
– The crucial role that the vagus nerve plays in our health
– Introduction to polyvagal theory
– Stimulation of the vagus nerve through simple exercises that you can do at home
– How to break through the chronic and mental conditions that have been afflicting you for a long time

This book will guide you through the healing process and make you understand many things about your body and mind, you may begin to understand that the way to well-being is simpler than the one you have always been taught. Activate your vagus nerve, Activate your life!

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Author: Robert Dickens
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