Eden Quest: Before the Beginning


Lucifer’s rebellion has cast the entire universe into chaos.
Millions of innocent lives have been subjected to futility, corruption, and slavery.
Rom 8: 19-22

EDEN QUEST: Before the Beginning, returns us to a time before the ‘rebellion,’ where you will meet Rapheldrn and Milderett. This humble wine and olive oil maker and his wife live in a time before lust, greed and hatred turned the hearts of the people away from their Creator. Their home planet of Tyros has been targeted by Lucifer and his fallen angelic host to suffer the first attempts at introducing evil into a culture. The success of their wicked plan is beyond anything they could have hoped for. But no matter how great the darkness, there will always be the few whose light can never be extinguished.

You will also meet Bobby (Reed) Westerly. Born in a sleazy motel in Augusta, Georgia, in 1948, Bobby grows up hating God but loving books. An angelic visitation and the “great lion Aslan” eventually lead him to a life of discipleship and study. His knowledge of forbidden texts and his willingness to view the Bible in new and unorthodox ways may give him the tools he needs to save both his world and God’s as well. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Author: Ken Urbansky
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