Void Templar: MEDJAY (Arc One)

Humanity stands at an expansionist crossroads. Planetary systems have been colonized and exploited. Yet, even with barely fifteen percent of the Milky Galaxy fully explored, mankind had already set its sights on the Canis Galaxy, the closest galaxy. Technology and growth have been fueled by corporate greed, with massive conglomerates now having their own domains […]

Raven’s Sphere

If she can’t let go of the past, there won’t be a future…for anyone. The year is 2342 and people from Earth have migrated to new star systems. Eighteen-year-old Raven is a thief with a disturbing past. Her life of pilfering expensive tech vaults on space freighters takes a nosedive when she finds a frightened […]

Fatal Fringe: Ether War (Book 1)

A resource as precious as life… Ether. With this new form of energy, people expanded beyond Earth. After years of conflicts the Human Confederacy is a thriving government. Until an ether facility is destroyed. Enter the Morrigan, their captain Noah Markel is no stranger to battle and he believes this may not be as simple […]

New Eden

After the untimely death of his mentor, Berkeley physicist Joshua Andrews has dedicated himself to finishing his mentor’s life work: creating entangled particles that can communicate faster than light. When scientific journalist Rachael Miller comes to interview him at his lab, they make an astounding discovery, one as ancient as the universe itself. During the […]


They’ve watched us for centuries through the Rift. They’ve prepared. Invasion is inevitable. The Earth Fleet has known of the Watchers for years, unwilling to share the knowledge with humanity. Now it might be too late. Hidden away from the Fleet, one man is creating a new colony ship destined for the other side of […]

A Ship In The Sand

Tam and his dog Wolf are in trouble when they are shot down by space pirates on a distant planet. But then Tam finds a space ship in the sand of the desert, and is able to get it running. With it, he can now leave the planet, but is the space ship really as […]

Free: Star Marshals: Moons of Jupiter

A benevolent species of alien known as Bopecans have made first contact with Earth. They have helped the human race establish an agency to police the solar system. This agency became known as Star Marshals. Vague messages have arrived from a mysterious source. A pair of marshals are dispatched to the moons of Jupiter to […]


They’ve watched us for centuries through the Rift. They’ve prepared. Invasion is inevitable. Rift joins an ensemble cast facing immeasurable obstacles. If you enjoy space battles, prison breaks, androids, and aliens, buried under a shroud of mystery, this book is for you. A fresh new science fiction adventure from the author of the best-selling Survivors […]

Galactic Conflicts: First Contact

The age of peace is over. No scout has returned from investigating the communications blackout at the edge of the galaxy. Desperate for answers, the Alliance Government petitions the Orlion Academy to investigate. Mutieto and his student Blade investigate, only to find empty cities when an unknown alien force arrives out of nowhere…$0.99 on Kindle.

Winter Stars

In ten thousand years of bitter conflict, the enemy has not revealed its greatest secret…and humanity has no idea how close they are to extinction. But they’re about to find out. Five years ago, a deadly conflict unfolded in a jungle clearing on a distant Rimworld—otherwise known as the last galactic frontier. It was never […]

The Joint of No Return

Bumbling stoner, Charlie Hong, is on the run from both sides of the law. Just when he thinks his troubles are over, he gets swept up in a cosmic struggle to free Earth from the clutches of secret alien overlords. Before all the space fighting begins, will Charlie have time to light one up? Free […]

Space Pirate Charlie

Charlie was living the life of luxury…as an alien wizard’s gladiator slave. It was not ideal. He had survived a spaceship crash, alien slave traders, space pirates and fierce gladiatorial combat. Hell, he’d even faced an actual fire-breathing dragon and lived. And it was about to get worse. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Cloud

Marooned on a newly-discovered planet with seven space company interns, teenager Evelyn’s struggle for survival turns into a fight for the future when she uncovers a plot to digitize humanity, a plot with her at its center. But can she trust herself to save the human race when she learns what she really is, the […]

Precious Galaxy Boxed Set (Books 1-4)

After an explosion, the crew of a battlecruiser mysteriously disappears. Bailey and Lewis, complete strangers, find themselves suddenly onboard the damaged ship. Lewis hasn’t worked a case in years, not since the final one broke his spirit and his bank account. The last thing Bailey remembers is preparing to take down a fugitive on Onyx […]

Bad Luck Charlie: The Dragon Mage (Book 1)

Charlie Gault had all the luck. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the good kind. First, his spaceship gets thrown into a distant galaxy. But to make things worse, Charlie finds himself faced with alien space pirates, talking dragons, and something that seems a whole lot like magic. Far from home, lost in a strange world, he’s a […]

Garland of Pleasures

Sometimes being wanted by everyone is not necessarily a good thing. As part of the prison work program Tack designs interactive virtual sex games for humanoids who want to mate with a human female. In scant three years he has developed a reputation as a span master whose imagination could always bridge two lusting organic […]

Star Marque Rising

The future is governed through a genetic hierarchy—superhumans at the top, humans and defects at the bottom. Clevon Demarco, a genetically modified human, has a cocksure attitude and the combat skills to back it up. With his unparalleled skills, he makes his living as a ruthless gunrunner on a shady space station near the edges […]


They’ve watched us for centuries through the Rift. They’ve prepared. Invasion is inevitable. The Earth Fleet has known of the Watchers for years, unwilling to share the knowledge with humanity. Now it might be too late. Hidden away from the Fleet, one man is creating a new colony ship destined for the other side of […]

Free: Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles Book 1)

For college student Mia Stalis, the invaders—the beautiful, mysterious Krinar—are only stories on the news. Rumors about them abound: about their impossible strength and speed, their intentions toward Earth… their vampiric tendencies. None of it concerns her, though—until she catches Korum’s eye. Powerful and terrifyingly seductive, the Krinar leader will stop at nothing to possess […]

Darkest Hour: Liberation War (Book 1)

A massive sphere appears near Earth, defying all attempts to communicate or understand its purpose. Power outages plague key cities and military bases, causing widespread panic and chaos. Only the Space Agency seems to have a grasp on the situation but with all their combined resources, they’re baffled. Captain Warren Miller races to join his […]

Void Strikers

Josh was top dog at the Space League training facility on Creston, now he will have to test his metal against some of the best pilots in the galaxy; friends and foes, in an area where a thought to be dead war still lives–the Void Zone. $0.99 on Kindle.

Daisy’s Run

Life in deep space could be a drag sometimes, but seeing as she hadn’t been blown up or blasted into the void, at least not yet, Daisy supposed things could be worse. If she could somehow figure out who, or what, was threatening her flight home to Earth, things would be just peachy. $0.99 on […]

Androids & Anarchy

Abandoned at birth and forced to fight for survival in a penal colony, twenty-three-year-old Zell’s only loyalty is to her bank account. Though she has no clue of her true lineage, her feline mutation gene gives hints to her family tree. Night vision, ultrasonic hearing, and the ability to always land on her feet. Lucky […]

Fire At Fill (Far Beyond Book 1)

The Galaxy’s in big trouble, and it’s up to Kevin, his dog Boomer, and a quirky talking cat to save the day. What could possibly go wrong? $0.99 on Kindle.

Delivery (Star Line Express Romance Book 3)

Desire. Passion. Intrigue. There’s more than just cargo aboard the Star Line Express. Flight controller Niya Redmor has just one desire: make sure her son gets the home he deserves. Daredevil pilot Joston Lynar has just one desire: get back in the pilot’s seat and do what he was born to do. Joston’s showoff landing […]

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