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Adventure and Cycle Touring: 5000K on a bike to Gibraltar, the Story of an Adventurous Spirit and Life on the Road

Join an epic adventure and discover where your passion can take you. “To go or not to go, that has always been the main question. It is so easy to say, yet so difficult to do. My idea was to head out on a great adventure, on a bike from Gothenburg, my native city in southwest Sweden, to Gibraltar on the southern edge of the Iberian Peninsula.” With a fully loaded bike, weighing around 28 kilos, and a bunch of maps Erik set off towards Gibraltar. The only vital piece of information he carried with him, was that clearly drawn route on the maps. Together with a compass, the direction seemed clear enough. Yet, it was only when boarding the ferry between Sweden and Denmark he fully realized where he was heading. He was now living the dream, the dream of crossing six countries and travelling 5000 kilometers towards the edge of Europe, propelled by his own human power. “I am a romantic at heart; I truly believe so. The idea of propelling myself forward through the countries of Europe at a good pace, biking along fields, canals, villages and mountains was highly attractive. I wanted to bike in the dawn when the rays of the sun persistently try to reach the horizon and conquer the sky, and at times where the sun is at its zenith, and it’s 45 degrees. I would choose my own speed, and I would be in total control through all possible environments and landscapes. The only thing constant during this journey would be myself, and my bike. I would be a constant, in an ever-changing environment.” A tale which has the ability to change your perspective of life. Adventure and Cycle Touring: 5000K on a bike to Gibraltar, is something more than a traditional tale about travelling and seeing the world. The story follows the structure of a daily diary where Erik writes about the highs and the lows of the journey, ideas about its very purpose, together with a large dose of humor. Moreover, he writes about what and whom he encounters along the way. At the end of it though, the book is a tale about passion and what anyone can accomplish if you set your mind to it. Highlights of the book: The book is written as a diary. These following points are just some of the highlights and main ingredients of the book. Want an adventure? Go for it! Free on Kindle.

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Author: Erik Olsson
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