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The author, a former police officer and self-defense instructor, was motivated to write this book because of the UN report that up to three million women are murdered annually and many more raped. This victimization could be reduced considerably if women understood the concept of “Deadly Attack Survival”. This book was written primarily with women, small men and seniors in mind, but the tactics apply to everyone.

I used to believe, as do most martial art and self-defense experts, that self-defense cannot be learned from a book…you must receive lessons from an actual instructor. After training in China for several years, I have changed my mind on that subject. I still agree that most self-defense skills must be physically taught by a qualified instructor, but this book is about the one unique exception to that rule.

This book is not is not just about personal protection, self-defense tips or self-defense for women, it is much more than that. It is pointless to learn numerous self-defense techniques yet they don’t come to your aid, mentally or physically when under attack.

You only need to know one or two techniques to defeat any attacker, but before that, you must understand how your mind has been pre-conditioned over a lifetime to be fearful and intimidated by big, strong, aggressive men. Once you have read this book, you will understand that these men are as vulnerable as any teenage girl. Once you overcome this pre-conditioning and learn how to program your mind to react automatically and instinctively to an attack, it will change you forever…you will have achieved personal power. Free on Kindle.

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