Free: Born to Be Different!

Ollie didn’t know he was a big weirdo…not until the day other kids made fun of him. Ollie went home and he put away his costumes. He put away his capes. He closed the door on the special world he created and said goodbye to all the friends only he could see. Ollie was going […]

Free: I Don’t Want to Sleep

Teaching Kids the Importance of Sleep At night when most kids were dozing so deep, Michael could never quite manage to sleep. His mother would read him one book, or two, His father would sing ‘till his face turned blue, All day Michael ran and played and kicked ball, But then he’d just shrug: “I’m […]

Who Made the Stars?

“Who Made the Stars?” has a sweet and simple message The adorable Little Bear is able to delay bedtime just a little longer with one question that leads to another…and another…and another! $2.99 on Kindle.

I Do Not Like Bugs

A grand story time selection with vibrant illustrations that include Emma and her fluffy friends playing pirates in her room. Fun and entertaining children’s book with a very subtle lesson in open-mindedness. Great early reader for summer reading. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Snore Songs

Enjoy the colorful animal illustrations as you read this whimsical storybook rhyme. Do you have a Papa who snores? Snoring generally gets a bad rap, but not in this story. Free on Kindle.

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