The Seventh Sense

Do not read this book unless you desire to look behind reality. Once you read this book, everything changes… Your mind, your life, everything, will change. You will never look at reality the same again… He explained, “It is only when one allows their future self to manifest in the now that harmony and pleasure […]

Believe Like You Mean It

In Believe Like You Mean It you’ll be shown simple steps for overcoming misguided thoughts, beliefs and fears that hold you back from the life you deserve. It includes ways to increase spiritual awareness and how you can harness cosmic energy to initiate the Law of Attraction. It also shares ways to push past skepticism […]

Build Your Dream Team

How do you bring together disparate characters and create something bigger and better than the sum of the parts? How do you achieve the goals you’ve promised to the organization and to yourself, goals which can only be accomplished through teamwork? What do you do when conflict explodes? How do you ensure that managing your […]

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