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There is a quiet underlying but pivotal battle for the soul of our nation. Do money and ignorance rule, or will science and tolerance prevail? There has always been a quest for the human species, like ants, to explore new worlds and concepts. This growth does not just exist where we expand but in who we are and the knowledge we’ve acquired along the way. There have always been counter winds to that growth, whether it be greed, self-interest or our very nature; because one thing is always certain, our means of survival leads to our morality. In recent years, with the rapid advancement of technology, I have seen these counter winds grow and become such powerful forces. Societal progress is no longer measured in our growth of knowledge, integrity, and character but in the acquisition of material goods. No longer taking pride in who we are and what we accomplish but instead relying on what we have and how complacent we are. How has this happened? Why does it matter? How can government help correct this problem? “We no longer live in neighborhoods. We live in communities, not bound together by care for our neighbors but by self-interest and greed” – Christopher Zullo Preaching from the progressive left with a unique set of beliefs, grounded in agnostic theism and regulatory capitalism. Free on Kindle. 

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Author: Christopher Zullo
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