Free: The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood

The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood

In “The Love FitMama Way,” Jen explains how the transition into Motherhood is a window of opportunity to transform the core of your being as a human and a leader. Jen goes into detail about what new moms can do to physically rehabilitate their deep inner core after pregnancy and childbirth. Jen emphasizes that “being a FitMama all starts with love” and goes into what this means for not only the moms themselves but for their families and the future generations. Jen’s Embrace, Nurture and Enjoy framework outlines the journey for new moms to transform their core from the inside out, focusing within, not without. Cultivating healthy habits that stick is what the new generation of FitMamas really want. Jen Oliver lays out and dives into many elements of her FitMama Foundations™ along with relevant tools, new ideas, recommendations, scientific backup and intriguing perspectives that will leave you feeling empowered and determined to connect deeper within your own core. Regardless if you are male or female, with or without kids of your own, you will find this book both thought-provoking and practical in moving you toward feeling true love and reverence towards your body and your life. Free on Kindle.

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