Stage Bound

Stage Bound

Fran loves her job as the theater manager at the Plaisir De Rouge. She’s surrounded by friends, her world-class Pez dispenser collection and her boyfriend, Peter, the all American eat-your-heart-out surfer model look alike. Life couldn’t be better—not until an eccentric duo shows up with an act hot enough to scorch Fran’s perspective.

Determined to prove her worth to everyone in the theater, Fran finds herself tied up in the new act. Silk bonds and blindfolds have her logic receding and libido roaring but Peter is nowhere to be found. Fran needs a hero but even the almighty Thor would have trouble rescuing her from this mess. If Fran can’t triumph over her ego turned supervillain, her pride will consume more than her career. It will end things with Peter and destroy the Plaisir De Rouge forever. $1.99 on Kindle.

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