Free: Who Am I?: Discover How Perfect You Are

Dear Parents, Did you know that: Children are born Perfect. That we become what we think about. You are your child’s most valuable teacher. We all have a self-image. It is how we see ourselves. It is “conditioning.” It is a “programming”. It is a paradigm. It operates like an “aut0-pilot”. The paradigms are past […]

The Monster Friend

The Award Winning “Mindful Mia” Children Empowering Book Series MONSTERS ARE REAL! It’s time to stop denying their existence and start getting to know them and why they came to pay you a visit. Whether you’re a parent or a child – we all have something we are afraid or scared of which might cause […]

Free: Count Cubula

Count Cubula is rhyming magical bedtime story that teaches kids about numbers and counting. Read about the vampire Count, his half werewolf wife, and their six circus performing kids. This picture book is beautifully illustrated by the talented Polina Whitetail. If you like vampires, werewolves, witches, and skeletons, then this is the book for you! Free […]

For Kid’s: “Supernatural Hero”

Andy is the nerd everyone makes fun of. He’s really skinny, wears glasses and talks to himself. One day Grandpa dies and turns into a ghost. Then, Andy discovers a new power, he can see ghosts and talk to the dead. Find out what happens in “Supernatural Hero.”

Grandma Skype

How do you keep in touch with a grandchild who lives on the other side of the country? “Grandma Skype” is a heart-warming book, demonstrating the joys and realities of modern-day grandparenting. Christopher’s Grandma, “Grandma Skype”, brings a great deal of warmth and love into his life, even though she lives on the opposite coast […]

Buttercup Cottage: Why Sally Spider Couldn’t Crawl Up Her Web!

Why can’t Sally Spider get up her web? This is a new series, in comic book mode, with colorful puppets. Children will love to easily read with the speech bubbles. This series will also lovingly encourage good nutrition, good manners and above all the importance of learning to read.

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