Free: Bigfoot Death Squad and Eight Other Stories

In BIGFOOT DEATH SQUAD and eight other astonishing tales of the so-called ordinary world, EDDIE MULNIX transports the reader to a world as strange as it is familiar­—an unsettling landscape of ghostly occurrences, speed-dealing superheroes, strip-club stickups, and more. Free on Kindle.

The Superyogi Scenario: Rise of the Unusuals

When elite yoga practitioners use their meditative prowess to fly and manipulate their bodies like superheroes, not everyone uses their powers for good. “The supernatural meets the spiritual in this unusual, endearing thriller. Connor may have carved out a new subgenre.” — Kirkus Reviews “In a world replete with novels, this story is a standout.” […]

The Villain’s Sidekick

Duke “HandCannon” LaRue is a professional bad guy, a supervillain’s henchman with a gun-arm, a steel jaw, a terrifying boss, an angry ex-wife, an adorable 6-year-old daughter, a diabetic cat and more trouble than he knows what to do with. When a job goes bad the same week he’s got custody of the kid, he’s […]

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