An Ordinary Dude’s Guide to Enlightenment

Not your grandpa’s enlightenment. No gurus. No monks. No mystics. Just an ordinary dude sharing the surprising, simple truth of life. Packed with stories that explain enlightenment’s mysteries, permission to indulge in beer and pizza, and 11 steps to discover enlightenment, this guide provides a roadmap to understanding life’s big riddle. $0.99 on Kindle.

Awakening to a New Consciousness

In 2010, Sharona Poms awakened to “a new consciousness” that was a turning point for all that she had ever known: about herself, the physical body and the reality of her life. Through a very open and detailed description of the experiences of her journey — from her search for meaning to remembrance of who […]

Remembering Eternity: The Game Begins

Skylar had it all – riches, success, and fame – until he traded it all for Enlightenment. After losing everything dear to him, Skylar vows to rediscover the timeless bliss he knew as a child. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Quiet Mind Epic Life: Escape The Status Quo & Experience Enlightened Prosperity Now

Matthew Ferry presents his Rapid Enlightenment Process inside his new book Quiet Mind Epic Life. Enlightenment is not a place. It’s not a destination. It’s a state. It’s a point of view. Enlightenment is a contextual framework that makes living an epic life possible. Let me give you my definition of Enlightenment so you understand […]

Find The Seeker!: The Pathless Path to Fulfillment and Happiness

“Reading Find The Seeker! is fresh as spring grass and refreshing as a clear stream. The teachings in this book refuse to be confined to a spiritual checklist or manual of meditative techniques.” This book is based on the tried and tested wisdom of a living Master and Enlightened ones throughout the ages, accompanies us […]

Let It Be

What if Death fell in love? Set on the eve of the Day of The Dead, it is a supernatural thriller dripping with mystical conversation beyond words. This night, the object of Death’s attraction, YEATS DANE, sets out to find his wife’s killer and avenge her death, when he is seduced by the Death, a […]

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