Mountain Man’s Curvy Love

Mountain Man’s Curvy Love is a steamy sweet high heat BBW instalove romance. There’s a rough older Alpha Mountain Man & a curvy young woman he wants to make his bride! Lyla was hired by his family to bring Xander back to civilization, but can he convince her to stay on Devil’s Back Mountain? This […]

Molly’s Choice

When an injury puts paid to Flynn Black’s professional fighting career, he retreats to his home town to lick his wounds. Angry and bitter at the loss of the only thing he’s ever known, he withdraws from the world, becoming as cold and aloof as the Colorado mountains that surround his home. But when he […]

Mountain Man Crush

The one guy I always wanted is finally back in my grasp. My older brother’s best friend. The hottest guy from my youth. The one that kept me awake at night. And still does. I wanted him to notice me so badly, but he never did. And now I’m grown and have kick-ass curves. A […]

Stranded: The Cole Mountain Brothers

Now she’s stranded on Cole Mountain. Emily’s family is pressuring her to return to her New York City life from the mountains after the snow storm. I won’t let her go so easily. I plan to keep her right here on Cole mountain. $0.99 on Kindle.

Accidentally His

I found Jordan freezing on my mountain. I warmed her up – the best way a man can… Hey, it was the polite thing to do! Now I’ll protect her from more than the storm. I gave up trusting people. Being a multimillionaire makes you real cynical. Now it’s just me and my woods – […]

Triplet Babies for the Mountain Man (A Mountain Man’s Baby Romance)

I thought my past defined me… Until I found her. I said goodbye to the world a long time ago. There was nothing left for me in it. I wasn’t worthy of a second chance. But then I found Marnie on my cabin’s doorstep. She was injured and lost. And her gorgeous face and body […]

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