Free: Wicked Beginnings

Lo never thought she’d see the boy from last summer again, with his bruised knuckles and cocky smile. She was wrong. Because she just moved into his pool house … and now they’re family. Free on Kindle.

Free: A Perfect Mess

I know what you did last summer. Aubree Walker, the perfect girl most likely to succeed, is sure there’s only one person who knows what she did. Booker Outlaw, one of the three Outlaw brothers–all identical, all gorgeous, all from the wrong side of the tracks, and all pure bad boys. He was always the […]

Matched, Austen

An out of work hairdresser, her childhood crush and a summer on Nantucket. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: A Tide Worth Turning/Message In A Bottle (2 in One Volume): Surf’s Up Romance Novellas

Bestselling & award-winning author of over two million books sold, including The Daughters of the Promise Amish series. Each Surf’s Up novella takes the reader to a beach locale, weaving romance and adventure into a soul-soothing journey of hope. Free on Kindle.

Accidental Lies

Three blissful weeks on the beautiful island of Maui are exactly what I need…Hula dancers, Mai Tais with cocktail umbrellas, and golden beaches – what more could I want? Then I see her, and I realize she’s exactly what I want. Four Mai Tais later, the chemistry between us is hotter than the Hawaiian sun, […]

Free: Olivia: A Summer of Second Chances

True love stories don’t have endings. Olivia has no intention of starting an affair. She wants a beach, some sun, and to be left alone. It’s been more than a year since her husband died and she’s spent most of that time helping everyone else heal. This vacation is for her, but taking a beer […]

Free: Full Circle

Single and pregnant, Bella is given a choice. Give up her child for adoption or leave town. The choice was never in doubt. Bella moves across the country, settling in Santa Monica. Determined to make a life for herself and her child, she and her new friend Sophia sell children’s clothing at the Venice Beach […]

Fake It For Me

My new intern is perfect for shutting up my Greek family, though pretending to have a relationship is taboo. Being a self-made billionaire, I haven’t spent much time. She might be more than I bargained for. Either way, I just need her to fake it. $0.99 on Kindle.

Tuned Into You

Life throws Lydia and Abe a curveball when they are wrongfully arrested for destruction of property. They can either work on the Fischer Farm for the summer earning nothing more than blisters and sunburn or have the arrest go on their records, which would ruin Lydia’s shot at a softball scholarship. It’s a no-brainer. Lydia […]

Hot Summer Lovin’

She’s looking for change. I’m looking for my next score. I’m the guy fathers warn their daughters about. Trouble. Even when I’m trying to escape it, it finds me. The sinfully beautiful new girl in town is after a summer fling. If she knew I robbed banks in my spare time, she might run the […]

Super Summer Set of Historical Shorts

This summer, sit back and let seven of your favorite USA Today, bestselling, and award-winning historical romance authors take you away to a time of adventure and passion. Only available for a limited time. $0.99 on Kindle.

Finding Love in Florence

Is ten days enough time to find their forever? Samantha always dreamed of coming to Florence, and now she’s here, staying in an old castle. She’s going to study all the sculptures in Florence… as soon as she stops getting distracted by the sculpted jaw of her hosts’ son. Edo has come home after six […]

A Long Way From Love

Where would you go if you could snap your fingers and be anywhere in the world? Jenna Scott knows. Ever since she discovered she had a real-life super-power she’s been making it work for her. In fact, she has everything she wants – except love. An adventure of travel, friendship, stupid questions and lust-worthy men, […]

Wanted in Paradise

Wanted in Paradise, a hot romantic suspense novel filled with the… …drama of forbidden love …tension of a love triangle …glamour of wealthy men …type of action and adventure that holds your interest! Set in the beauty of the Maldives. The perfect location and Romeo Moretti, the famous, talented, and charismatic man that Jasmine has […]

Sandy’s Diary: A Summer Love Story

This is a “True Love” real romance story based upon a diary that was written by an 18 year old female in the summer of 1967. The story delves into the deep loving emotions that developed in her one summer upon meeting a special young man. A must-read for all romantics at heart! $3.00 on […]

Remember Last Summer

How would you spend the last summer of your life? Still reeling from a bitter divorce, Kristen Carrington is just starting to move forward with her life when she is diagnosed with an incurable form of heart disease. Her outlook is bleak. Unless she receives a heart transplant very soon, the doctors say she will […]

Remember Last Summer

How would you spend the last summer of your life? Given only a year to live, a single mother takes her two daughters on an unforgettable summer vacation, hoping to reconnect her fractured family, while building memories that will linger long after she is gone. $2.99 on Kindle.

Free: Bad Boy, Big Heart

When New Yorker K.C. Daniels heads to Wyoming for a summer job, she wants nothing more than to fit in with the staff of the Lazy S Ranch. Getting involved with a cowboy is the last thing on her mind—especially when she’s greeted with warnings about ‘Bad Boy’ Chay Ridgway. High school dropout Chay Ridgway […]

Survival of the Richest

A woman torn between two men. An impossible choice. And a war fought on the most dangerous battlefield–the heart. A Park Avenue princess… My story starts with a plunge into the cold water of Manhattan’s harbor. A strong hand hauls me back onto the deck of the luxury yacht. Christopher was supposed to be my […]

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