Unraveling a Witch

“You can tell me stop,” he whispered. Her shoulders ached, a dull pain crept down her spine, but she didn’t make a sound… yet. Eileen is unsettled by the stranger across the bar. His size is intimidating…and exciting. Bored with her small town life, he might be the escape she is looking for. Cain would […]

Free: Phoenixcry

All I wanted was to kick ass at my internship and stop frying my phone battery with my witchy lightning powers. Then I walked into the first day at the record label to find five hot growly guys in a band that I’m supposed to manage, and oh yeah, they’re werewolves. Witches like me and […]

Free: Charmed, I’m Sure

New witch Halloween LaVeau has unexpectedly risen to become Leader of the Underworld – now all other witches are out to knock her off that pedestal. When an investigator shows up to see what’s going on, he promptly disappears. Not good, not good at all. Free on Kindle.

The Witch’s Portal

If you had the chance at Utopia, would you take it? Lily Rose might. Since the death of her mom, Lily feels lost. It’s only through the family legends of the witch Sandrine, and the tales of her magical Portal into a perfect life, that Lily has finally found a glimmer of hope. The Witch’s […]

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