The Ghost Sensitive

Night terrors have stalked Nicole Haugen since she was a child. Molly Thompson is skeptical of her roommate Nicole’s wild ghost stories. When a paranormal investigation society draws the two young women into a dangerous world filled with tragedy, shadowy figures, and whispers in the dark, their friendship threatens to unravel, along with their sanity. […]

Matchmaking Beyond the Veil

Emery Belmont is a snarky realist who likes his life ordinary. Like any skeptic, he’s content using mundane explanations to write off signs of paranormal activity. That’s no longer an option when the spirit haunting his house wrecks his new kitchen, forcing Emery to face the supernatural truth. Desperate for a new handyman, he unknowingly […]

Free: The Novice Ghost Hunter

Malachi Hunter’s obsession with the supernatural has made him a loner, and his lack of self-confidence has prevented him from fulfilling his ambition to become a ghost hunter. That is until, in a misguided effort to impress a girl, he agrees to investigate an allegedly haunted property, with consequences that he could never have anticipated. […]

Free: Old Crotchet’s Return

Ghostly goings on, a missing wife, and a vengeful spirit on the loose in 1920s England. During a booze-sozzled festive break, George’s friends exchange London for a rural retreat, and find it’s not quite the quiet life they expected. A high-spirited comedy with plenty of witty repartee, and a dark, caustic twist. Free on Kindle.

Grave Encounters

Luke returned to his hometown after learning of his grandmother’s death. Not much has changed in the town of Chandler Oklahoma since his departure to college ten years ago. While home, he is asked to assist in a murder investigation where he will put his medical examiner training and some some new found skills to […]

Blackmail and the Bride

Richard Ridlington’s inconvenient marriage saves his skin. His new wife Cressida has been blackmailed into it as well, but together they find their way to their new home in Devon. Is there a chance for love when a mystery needs solving, a ghost needs their help…and they mustn’t forget to walk the dog? $0.99 on […]

Mystic Passion (Boxed Set)

Romance and passion await in this set of brand-new novels! Fall in love with smart women and hunky heroes who have something special mixed into their stories. From ghostly love to psychics to mythological gods falling for humans… this set is full of romance along with a touch of magic mixed into the spice. Available […]

Free: Lady Justice and the Ghost Whisperer

The perfect ghost story for the upcoming Halloween season. What do a Confederate soldier who died on the field of battle, a woman who was driven from her home by the ravages of the Civil War, and a man who perished in a turn-of-the-century asylum have in common? They all contact private investigator, Walt Williams. A bizarre series […]

Southern Spirits

From New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox, the first book in the new Southern Ghost Hunter mysteries When Verity Long accidentally traps a ghost on her property, she gains the ability see spirits. But soon, Verity learns there’s more to it than floating specters, secret passageways, and hidden rooms. She’s stumbled on a decades-old […]

The Rattler

Would you die to stop a curse? $0.99 on Kindle.

The Ghost Host

Everyone thinks Echo Simmons is crazy, but being The Ghost Host isn’t just a YouTube hoax like people think. It’s the only way to control the ghosts haunting her…at least until the FBI shows up asking questions. The first eighteen years of Echo Simmons’ life have been less than ideal. On more than one occasion […]

The Tatterdemon Omnibus

In 1691 the town of Crossfall taught the witch Thessaly how to die. They beat her, they shot her, they hung her – but nothing worked. When they tried to bury her alive Thessaly set the field against them. The first man died as a gust of wind harrowed the meat from his bones. A […]

Free: Lord of the Abbey

Harry Bellingham, head of the renowned Avalon Society, helps Rowena Locke search for lost Abbey treasure. Dangerous men appear in Glastonbury who are also searching for the treasure. It’s a race against time to find the lost treasure. Can Harry convince marriage wary Rowena to trust in love and marry him? Free on Kindle.


Alone and homeless, sixteen-year-old Kate, and her younger brother seek refuge in a derelict bungalow in the English countryside. Soon they inherit a new family: a robber, a convict, an alcoholic and a troubled teenage runaway. It’s here where secrets begin to unfold and paranormal activity takes hold. Ready to enter a mystery? $1.99 on Kindle.

Four Spooky Short Stories

Four Spooky Short Stories is a collection of eerie stories about witches, ghosts, banshees and werewolves. Two brothers who wrongly lived their lives and must pay for it in the afterlife. A witch that wants to live forever and a banshee that doesn’t want her to. A lonely woman riding the train to the Grand […]

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