The Kidnapped Smile: Book II of The Artania Chronicles

Mona Lisa kidnapped? Her father, Leonardo, in tears? What will the Deliverers do? It has been a year since Alex and Bartholomew first ventured into the mystical Artania. Once again they are called upon to keep this art-created world safe. But peril waits at every turn. Traitorous Pirates. Fearful gods and goddesses. Monsters of the […]

Peter Green and the Unliving Academy

Peter Green can’t remember how he died. All he has are his pajamas, a silk tie, and a one-way bus ticket to Mrs. Battisworth’s Academy and Haven for Unliving Boys and Girls, a strange and spooky school for dead orphans like himself. As Pete learns to fit in with his new supernatural schoolmates, he starts […]

Free: The Feral Sentence

When eighteen-year-old Lydia Brone is convicted of murder for accidentally killing her mother’s abusive boyfriend, she is sentenced to serve three years on Kormace Island, the Island of Killers. She knows her sentence will be difficult, but what awaits her is far more terrifying than anything she could have ever imagined. Free on Kindle

Free: Chase Tinker and the House of Magic (Book 1)

Is having magical powers a gift? Or a curse? Chase Tinker is about to find out… Chase Tinker’s life has taken quite a turn and he’s seriously freaked out. Shocking family secrets, a missing dad, bizarre magical powers, a 560-year-old magical house, and a wicked enemy determined to destroy Chase and his family are so […]

Daughter of Kali: Awakening (book 1)

Kaz Deva just wants to be normal. But when she discovers she’s part of a long legacy of Warriors stretching all the way back to the goddess Kali, ‘normal’ is not an option. Five-star reviews: “Fast-paced, sometimes gritty, demon-slaying fun” and  “Page-turningly good.” See price on Kindle.

Dirty Blood

I killed a girl last night. I did it with my bare hands and an old piece of pipe I found lying next to the dumpster. But that’s not the part that got me. The part that scared me, the part I can’t seem to wrap my head around and still has me reeling, was […]

The Return of Light

Brie Fyre is a primloc…not that her parents ever thought to tell her. Then again, parents are funny that way, aren’t they? The seventeen-year-old’s life is forever changed when she meets two mysterious new kids, the stunning yet heavily scarred Chloe Martin, and her wolfish stepbrother with icy eyes, Alex Stone, at her boarding school, […]

Scarlet Reign: Malice of the Dark Witch

After the unexplainable death of her mother on the eve of Natalie’s fourteenth birthday, she is suddenly forced to grow up. Compelled to leave her dismal and deceptive life behind by a mysterious woman who claims to be an old relative, Natalie carries with her the highly coveted, scarlet stoned ring she reluctantly retrieved from […]

From Frights to Flaws

Twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy is tired of her uncle’s strict rules. But her life changes when a sorcerer reveals magic to her, hinting that he wants to kidnap her. The sorcerer abducts Alyssa to Fiji, where she is stuck unless she can defeat dangerous beasts and the evil wizard. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Elizabeth’s Legacy (Royal Institute of Magic, book 1)

Like most normal people, Ben hadn’t the faintest idea there was an Institute of Magic… Until two years after the mysterious disappearance of his parents, a cryptic letter from The Royal Institute of Magic appeared. To find his parents, Ben will have to navigate a world filled with fantastical creatures and magic that can be […]

Magik: The Avatar Wars Book Series

Cooks by day, Mages by night. Rook and his eccentric best friend Bishop are warlocks and they are collectively known as Magik. The duo operates a recovery service from the Blue Moon Café, a small business owned and operated by Rook’s blind uncle Niles. After ten years of searching for his long-lost sister Isabella, Rook […]

The Blood Secrets and Lies (Book 1)

When cool, sassy new senior, Madison Janey first locked eyes with Landing High’ s resident heartthrob,super sexy Dylan Croft, it was destined not only to rock their world but also to unleash a 500 year old curse which would set two powerful families on a deadly collision course and ultimately demand their blood. $0.99 on […]

The Ashen Queen

Sofia is destined to be Queen but when secrets of the past are revealed, her future is changed forever. Does Sofia have what it takes to save her people? $0.99 on Kindle.

Kacy Chronicles Boxed Set: Revelations of Oriceran

This box set includes all four books in The Kacy Chronicles, a Prophesies of Oriceran Series full of portal-travel, magic, dragons, action, adventure and romance. Written for anyone who has ever wanted to fly! Born to a wealthy Virginian family, privileged Jordan’s got her life all planned out. Get her Ph.D., find the perfect Virginia […]

High Barrens

Seeing into a soul is easy for Flint. She can change a life or even the world with her words. She should have kept her mouth shut. Flint thought that having six older brothers and growing up in a dangerous frontier town would prepare her for anything. She soon discovers that the world is a […]

Free: The Legacy of the Key

Hunted all her life, Reece Bryant learns the truth of who she really is. Falling in love wasn’t part of the deal! Average college student, Reece Bryant, is blindsided after nearly being kidnapped on a morning run. Good thing she was rescued, but who her rescuers are weren’t exactly what she expected. Alien assassins from […]

Looking for Dei

Nara Dall has never liked secrets. Yet it seems that her life has been filled with them, from the ugly scar on her back to the strange powers she possesses. When she uses her powers to help her poor village, the decision sets her on a path of danger, discovery, and a search for the […]

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