Free: Where Alpha Meets Omega

Ancient mythology and space exploration merge into a new look at modern astrology. This is a book that could have been written at no other time in the history of the world. A wealth of information in a fun and easy-to-digest format. Free on Kindle.

The Accidental Archmage: Book One

An epic fantasy in the classic tradition. Another world. A visitor from this time period. Facing magic and mythology. For real. What if you fell through a crack in reality? Like those people disappearing in plain sight you have read about. You find yourself in a strangely familiar world. A world full of Earth’s mythological […]

Unsung Odysseys

‘Unsung Odysseys’ re-tells the story of Odysseus’ journey home from Troy through the voices of women. Included is the voice of Odysseus’ mother, wife, nurse, the love-struck princess, the benevolent witch, and the possessive nymph. Their stories provide a long-silenced female perspective on events. This work will appeal to those interested in hearing women’s voices […]


A damned soul has been spinning endlessly in a forgotten realm. He spins–enduring the venom of snakes that bind him to a wheel of fire. Millennia have past and yet he still rages! Still curses those who have judged him! If he had it his way, he’d have the entire world engulfed in flames! Then, […]

Magic Runes

When Carmen successfully removes a spell from a bewitched human, she never thought she would get ensnared in an ongoing Supernatural Bureau of Investigation case. Can she help the SBI without exposing her identity? Add an annoying (but hot) agent and her life is getting more difficult by the second. If you enjoy stories with […]

Free: Elementals

Nicole Cassidy is a witch descended from the Greek gods… but she doesn’t know it until she moves to a new town and discovers a dangerous world of magic and monsters that she never knew existed. When the Olympian Comet shoots through the sky for the first time in three thousand years, Nicole and four […]

To the North

Everyone gets lost in the Wood that surrounds the village to the North. Everyone, that is, except for Annabelle Knopp. But the Wood contains secrets even Annabelle doesn’t know. When the body of a stranger appears on the steps of the church, the quiet village gets thrown into turmoil. People begin to disappear, the trees […]

Free: Dauntless

Kacey Alexander is your typical high school graduate until she receives a chest as part of her inheritance. She looks inside and finds out that her late mother was a Sentinel, a member of an ancient order of Mages, each one dedicated to protecting humans from the forces of Darkness. She refuses to accept this […]

Free: The Monster Realm

Lillian always loved stories about myths and monsters—until she found herself inside one, fighting for her life! This award-winning story was written by an 11-year-old and praised by Kirkus Reviews as a “fast-paced novel that transports you to a world of magic and peril.” Free on Kindle.

Black Werewolves Box Set

Enter the world where myth becomes reality, where long forgotten gods walk the earth, and where love forms bonds that cannot be broken even in the raging winds of battle. Box set contains: The Dark Ones, The 24hourlies, Chased (novella) $0.99 0n Kindle.

The Dark Ones

In a world ruled by lethal Slavic immortals, Rose and her pack of Black werewolves are drawn into the beginning of a war as they try to uncover the being behind the mass murder of White werewolves. Because the nature of the killings obstructs the normal passage of souls, Veles, the sultry lord of the […]

Immortal Pleasures

Make way for hot, heavenly creatures… This 15 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle brings you a deluge of celestial matches, from Greek to Roman to Norse and everything in between! You get over 115,000 words of stories filled with sexy gods and goddesses longing to fulfill their basest desires with humans who just can’t seem […]

The God’s Wolfling

Linnea’s life was turned upside down when she learned that the gods walked among humans. But it has been two years, and the cold war between gods and legends is warming up slowly. She seeks adventure… Merrick is the god’s wolfling, resentful of his inhumanity and even more of being assigned to guard Linnea. Can […]

Moon Love

After being stuck on earth when the door to the realm of the gods and goddesses slams shut, Luna, Moon Goddess, frolics with neither care nor consequences. Until the night she is abducted, forced to use her erotic skills to line the pockets of four friends. She meets a beautiful young Mereling—a mortal man like […]

Fantasy: “I Bring the Fire”

When Amy prays for help, Loki isn’t who she had in mind. Loki can’t resist Amy’s summons, but he can insist she help him outwit Odin and give him dinner—not necessarily in that order. A hilarious blend of mythology, adventure, and dinosaurs with over 140 five-star reviews on Amazon. Learn more.

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