Free: Enjoy Heavenly Living Now: Become Childlike

Discover how you can live among Heaven’s wonders where miracles and the unimaginable happen every day by having a childlike faith. Uncover 15 unique characteristics little children have that will transform your life and cause all the miraculous things of Heaven to occupy your home and everyone around you. Free on Kindle.

If You Dont Like Lemonade, Stop Buying Lemons

  Ever since the beginning of the world man has contained within him an insatiable desire to be the captain of his own ship and master of his own fate. It really becomes problematic when pride prevents one from looking outside thier selves for help or the correct answers in life. It’s not that God […]

The Spiritual Treasure Trove

This book has over 200 topics that address the concerns of many that did not know where to find their answers in the Bible. Topics such as parenting, relationships, faith, love, hope, endurance, trials, disappointments and many more. It is a delightful way to study the bible and share with others $7.00 on Kindle

Free: The Beautiful Lie – Finding Faith in a World Gone Mad

  It is said there were no flies in the Temple, in the following pages you will learn why. Take a faith changing journey and uncover the tools and strategies that will dramatically shift your life, your relationships, and perhaps bring about the turnaround you have long desired for yourself and others. Along with modern […]

Forgiveness Unforgettable

A true story of survival and forgiveness. $2.99 on Kindle.

Free: Word First: A Revelation On Faith

This concise book describes the Scriptural foundation for understanding faith. The book of Hebrews has always been an informative and interesting favorite of mine, but the last time I read it, a pattern revealed itself to me as the words unfolded in my heart. Somehow, I could now clearly see exactly what faith was, as […]

Wind in the Hands

Rami Yudovin, Israeli author of scientific and theological works on Bible researches and ancient history, presents a story in the form of parable about good and evil and duty vs freedom of choice.

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