End Time (The End Time Saga Book 1)

Counterterrorism agent Mark Steele finds himself leading a suicide mission to rescue a CDC doctor trapped in an embassy abroad. The only thing more dangerous than ruthless rebels is the deadly virus bringing the dead back to life. $0.99 on Kindle.

Execution of Faith

Money is power. Money is everything. A religious extremist group called The Faith is planning its most ambitious attack to date. Embedded in English society key member Marcus Tenby is close to completing a cyber attack with global consequences. When ex-sas soldier Danny Pearson returns home, an innocent request for help inadvertently drags him into […]

Free: Global War On Terror: The Nigerian Dimension

In the last decade, Nigeria has risen to become one of the most active operational theatre of global Islamist Jihad and the epicenter of homegrown terrorism in the West Africa sub region. This book will tell you all you ever wanted to know about Nigeria’s war on Terror. Free on Kindle.

Free: Next Exit, Three Miles

Two years ago, Alina Maschik missed her shot at one of the world’s most wanted terrorists. Now he’s back. Her objective is simple: complete her mission. But when the target leads her back to her hometown in New Jersey, the situation is anything but simple. Now, Alina must face her past as she races against […]

Face Of Our Father

Winner Best Indie Book—BRAG Medallion Honoree. Stuart Pierce’s wife is hiding death threats. With a graphic photo of a ritual stoning Stu’s only clue, he sets out to protect a wife who refuses to protect herself. Obsessed with catching a killer, Angie plunges them both into a web of global intrigue. Honor. Love. Life. All […]

Pandora’s Grave

An American president who will do anything to win reelection. . . An Iranian leader who will stop at nothing to bring about apocalypse. . . An ancient evil, only waiting to be reborn. . . High in the Alborz Mountains of northwestern Iran, an archaeological team disappears. American citizens are among the missing. . […]

Wind in the Hands

Rami Yudovin, Israeli author of scientific and theological works on Bible researches and ancient history, presents a story in the form of parable about good and evil and duty vs freedom of choice.

Viral Intent

An unidentified virus in the CCMC Emergency Department is killing dozens of people, a horrific death of a popular politician in the French Quarter has the NOPD hopping, and internet chatter suggesting the unspeakable has chilled the hearts of law enforcement all over the world. Read how Alex and Jack learn to play well with […]

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