Cheating Wife

Are you suspecting that your wife is cheating on you? Having a passionate affair with another man? Then you want to come an have a deeper look at what this book has to offer. No matter if you feel insecure, you do not know what’s going on or how it got to that point, this […]

Ann: Irresistible Spirit

A boy and girl who are neighbours in the back streets of Leeds, England, begin a love affair in the 1960s. They discover love, sex, marriage and children, before separating after a costly mistake. Time does not kill their love. Through disasters and ill health they keep in touch until she returns to be close […]

The Decision – A Vow To Tell The Truth

When Melissa wakes up one morning, she knows her life will never be the same again. Today is the day that most women dream about, but not Melissa. Having been in a relationship with Travis for 10 years and having his child, Travis makes it clear his intention is to marry her. On the surface, […]

Honeymoon Playbook: Your Guide to ‘‘Scoring’’ the Best Romantic Honeymoon Ever

The Honeymoon Playbook is a book for both newlyweds and longtime partners alike, teaching couples how to light a romantic fire in their relationship. Learn how to really romance your partner, how to tackle common sexual issues and exactly what gets your spouse’s heart racing (and yours!). $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Out of Play: An Unromance

Can a marriage on the road to disaster be saved? Gillian decides to join her husband in his live-action gaming hobby. If it doesn’t work a marital miracle, she can walk away knowing she tried everything before giving up. Laughter and heartbreak meet in this witty, touching read. Free on Kindle.

Half Married

Manu Fretin is the typical macho man, except that he has a split personality going by the name of Sarah. This doesn’t go with creating many problems. This is so true that Manu ends up in jail where he gets convinced that he must marry Sarah to get rid of her! A feat that will […]

Lasting Marriage

Build Lasting Love, Intimacy, Joy & Happiness Into Your Marriage. What if your marriage can be one of those success stories you hear about being more in love on your 50th wedding anniversary than on your first? What if you could enter into deeper levels of intimacy, love, and communication with your spouse than you […]

Lasting Marriage: Discovering God’s Meaning and Purpose for Your Relationship

Do you desire to have a long lasting marriage? Do you want your marriage to last through all that life throws at you? Would you like to see your marriage benefit from having more love, joy, and intimacy? Lasting Marriage is an encouraging and insightful book that will help your marriage grow and strengthen in love and service […]

Destination Wedding ~ A Novel

Sparks fly when Claire Martin and her ex, Jim, spend a week on a tropical island for their daughter’s wedding. Claire believes she can ignore Jim throughout the vacation, until a strange twist of fate thrusts them together for the week. Surprisingly, Claire finds she is still attracted to him. But forgiving and forgetting the […]

Free: Bulletproof Your Marriage

This book is written to give hope and practical suggestions to those who are looking forward to marriage and those who are already in a marriage but perhaps don’t know how to make it the best possible marriage they can. If your marriage is already experiencing some attacks, this book can be a lifeline. You […]

Free: The Resurrection of Romance: How to Create and Sustain a World Class Romantic Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime

How to create daily romantic ecstasy in your relationship and keep your love truly alive for a lifetime. Break through erroneous and toxic myths that limit the wonder and joy of your romance. Discover specific techniques and attitudes that create joyful emotional and physical intimacy. And listen in to a very personal conversation between two […]

When Your Relationship Changes

We live in a time when romantic relationships often change, partly because we are not as bound to them by necessity as were our ancestors. But how do you get through the disruption, pain, and fear of the unknown when you’ve relied on a relationship to anchor and define you? How do you cope with gender differences that […]

The Naked Truth About Men (And Romance)

Accurately understanding men will revolutionize how women approach romance, attests Psychologist Dr. Kathryn Foster, in her bold work, The Naked Truth About Men (And Romance.) Women have struggled to figure out “what happened” to the man she married. All of a sudden, he is distant, unresponsive, and unable to communicate and romance like he did […]

Hope Street

Set in Liverpool and London, the novel covers five decades in the lives of two very different women, beginning in the 60’s. The way she started out, Katrina Grayefsky was all set to conquer the world. But she’s pressured into a wealthy but unhappy marriage, and soon embarks on a series of unhappy affairs. Anya Sobell is […]

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