Refuge at Pine Lake

Robin Lancaster, a twenty-six-year-old former kindergarten teacher, has her summer and her life all figured out. She’s ready to be on her own, writing and illustrating her children’s stories at her family’s beloved lake house. Once there, she intends to rekindle a romance with Caleb Jackson, the area’s top hunting and fishing guide, and bag […]

10 Years Later

She stole my heart when we were just kids. But I broke hers. Is it too late for a second chance? $0.99 on Kindle.

Lucky Daddy

A second chance with my brother’s best friend. A fake arrangement. A miracle pregnancy. Do you think my luck is finally coming around?! Reilly O’Hara’s the biggest, sexiest man I’ve ever known. He’s a drool-worthy Irish stud, but completely off-limits. Five years ago, I left town, leaving my dreams of him behind. But a stroke of bad luck brought me back […]

My First Crush: A Best Friend’s Father Romance

It was completely forbidden, and yet, I couldn’t stop myself. But I wasn’t alone. Everyone crushed on our high-school coach back in the day. Strong. Dominant. Hot as sin. And completely off limits. Or he was back then. Now I’m finally grown up, and I’ve come back home. Life feels directionless, but one thing is […]

Free: Come A Little Closer

Sophie was the love of my life. Okay, we were twelve the last time I saw her but still. I’ve tried everything to move on—whiskey, women, weed. Nothing seemed to fill the void. Now, ten years later, she shows up out of the blue. The problem, I’m not the boy she used to know. I […]

Beats of the Heart

Friends to lovers to heartbreak to second chance? Dawson and Izzy’s epic love song begins in Beats of the Heart. He was my muse, and I was his song… until the music stopped. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Uncover My Secrets

Prince. It is a title that some boys dream of, but as an orphan, I never thought it would happen to me. After being adopted by the wealthiest people in Qatar, I had a new life to look forward to. Years later, my adopted parents would have a son, a true son. My father gave […]

Kate’s Forever

Just when Kate Dixon had given up on Valentines Day and love altogether, Jordan Hughes went and gave her a reason to keep believing. A small town girl, Kate dreams of finding herself a career as a teacher. That, like everything else in her life, comes with its own set of challenges. Trying desperately to […]

Another Man’s Treasure

Life after divorce is a tightrope walk for Nicole Davenport. Add a hunky new co-worker, a meddling ex-husband, and three curious kids and Nicole’s balancing act suddenly becomes a juggling act. Harrison Groban is clawing his way out of his own personal hell, but he’s more than willing to join forces with Nicole to defeat […]

Duping Cupid

Vivi Maxwell, owner of a unique New York dating service, and her best friend, Sebastian “Bass” Lawrence have both been burned in their love lives and never considered their relationship more than platonic. But a new client makes Bass realize he’s in love with his best friend. Now, he’ll try to dupe Vivi into seeing […]

His Many Demands

Art is what wakes me up. That and the beautiful woman that stole my heart years ago. Funnily enough, she doesn’t want me to change a damn thing. She says that now, but what about when she finds out about my desires. $0.99 on Kindle.

Saving Jenna

Jenna knew it was Ian Riley the second she saw him, but she refused to get her hopes up. He had left once before, and nothing would stop him from leaving again. Coming back to West Grove was the last thing Ian wanted to do. If it hadn’t been for the rental property, the small […]

All She Ever Wanted

The last time she saw Jake was the day he broke her heart…She wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Just Say Yes

What will it take for her to Just Say Yes? Scott Taylor has the perfect life. He gets to fulfill his dream playing professional hockey, has a loving family, and a tight group of friends. But the one thing missing in his life is a partner to come home to. He knows exactly who he […]

The Final Catch

Ask anyone—mostly women—and they will tell you that I’m the perfect man. As Lowell Blake, the quarterback superstar, I have the perfect life—fame, fortune, and respect. For a long time, that was all that mattered. It was all I wanted or needed. Until my only mistake waltzed back into my life rearing her pretty little […]

The Ranger’s Chance

A computer geek, an Army Ranger assigned to get close to her, and the lies that could end everything before it begins. $0.99 on Kindle.

Sizzle and Share

Five years ago the Anderson brothers betrayed me…now they want a second chance?” I was broken when I left the town I grew up in. I swore I’d never return. Never face the memories. Liberate myself from the pain. But most importantly… Never let the Anderson brothers touch me again. But here I am. Exactly […]

Free: Giada: A Guilty Love

I wasn’t ready for him, but he didn’t care. He entered my life like a tornado, he turned me upside down, taking my breath away, and made me a woman, in spite of everything and everyone. On my eighteenth birthday, I thought that life was about to look up, far from imagining what was really […]

Bless Your Heart

Hannah has moved home after finishing college and is taking over the family real estate business. Everything is falling into place with one exception—Lee Burkett. She’s wanted him for as long she can remember, and now is the time to make that dream a reality. Lee always knew what he wanted in life: to have […]

Free: Take My Time

I never wanted wealth, power, or the responsibility that goes with it. Making a difference by fighting fires was my dream. That and a pretty girl to love at night. But life didn’t ask me. After struggling through the business world, I finally have a chance to return home to chase my dreams. The girl […]

One Last Gift

Is ten years too long to fix a broken heart? When Jack returns home after ten years, he’s surprised to find his first love, Casey, still living in their hometown. Will they let their love for one another break through the barriers they built to keep their hearts safe from more pain? Or will Jack […]

Six Years Later

Six years ago, I walked out on him. I thought I was doing the right thing. My mind was on my career. So was his. We were too young to know sh*t about love and life. So I took all my stuff and disappeared from his life, left him with his broken heart. I became […]

That Second Chance (Boxed Set, Books 1-3)

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get that second chance—in life and in love. That Second Chance Series are stand-alone stories of strong women who battle heartache and loss with courage and determination to find new paths and true love. What ties them together? A common theme: belief in the beauty of that second chance. $0.99 […]

Free: Our Song

31-year-old Kelsey has two kids and a (finally) quiet life…that is until JD moves in next door. With his newly inherited 5-year-old daughter and his struggling band, he’s a mess Kelsey doesn’t need, but can’t resist. She keeps telling herself she can help her hot, younger neighbor out without getting entangled, but JD may be […]

The Sheriff’s Outcast Bride

A vengeful man tells a lie, and Becky Tucker’s reputation is ruined. Castigated and shunned by the townsfolk, she leads a Cinderella type existence on her stepfather’s ranch. Desperate to escape, she accepts a reluctant marriage proposal from the sheriff of Blackwood, Ryan Mulligan. To find happiness together they will need to overcome dark secrets […]

Arduous Love

Since her break-up with William and after months of self-reflection about why their relationship failed, Samantha is finally ready to take a second chance at love when she meets Bryson – an attractive young executive who appears to have all of the attributes she yearns for. Though Samantha and Bryson think they are ready to […]

Free: Once Upon A Time (Runaway Princess Book 1)

When a modern princess falls in love with her bodyguard, a royal fairy tale turns dangerous. Dieter Schwarz had been Flicka’s bodyguard for years. He had protected her from assassins, kidnappers, and high school dates who got too handsy after a few drinks. He was a sharp-witted, sharp-jawed, hard-muscled former Swiss Special Forces operator who […]

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