Free: Love Bytes A Vampire’s Tale

Finding love again is challenging, especially if you are a vampire. So what’s a lady vamp to do? After losing her century-long vampire mate, Dominique LeRoy must find a new mate. Using modern technology, she finds Richard Montague, an account who is also a fire-ball throwing wizard named Azazel. When they meet for a lunch […]

Free: Kiss Hide Bite (A Vampire Romantic Thriller)

Marissa Cooper believes in love. She just doesn’t think it’s meant for her. Former barista turned coffee shop owner, the effortlessly beautiful entrepreneur has had her heart broken many times before. Now she is focused on her café and nothing else. Marissa’s whole world comes crashing down one night when she witnesses a murder in […]

Half Blood Rising: (Moonlight Academy Book 1)

Academy romance, the chance of a lifetime, and former rouge on the run–what could go wrong? Jaymin Clarance is a rogue half-vampire—she’s hunting supernatural convicts and trying to stay anonymous, which doesn’t always go according to plan. When a mysterious Fae approaches her in Lviv and offers her a spot at the highly sought-after Moonlight […]

Free: Scaredy Bat and the Frozen Vampires

Ellie is a 12-year-old vampire that loves solving mysteries but is afraid of…everything. With a little courage and help from her friends, Ellie just might achieve her dream of being a detective. In this 1st book, Ellie must overcome her fear of spiders to solve the mystery of the frozen vampires and save the royal […]

Free: The Viscount’s Son

If Dracula and The Da Vinci Code had book babies, this trilogy would be the result. Free on Kindle.

Free: Blood Seduction

Running from a dark past that still haunts her at every corner, Lenore is in more trouble than she thinks. She’s been staring at the one who got away, Andrew, for years, and waiting. But for once, she took a chance, and she hit the jackpot. Or did she? That one night away from home, […]

Virgin Vampire: Vivian

“It all started when I ate my prom date.” Vivian Browning grew up as a normal, never knowing that she was a full-fledged vampire. When Viv turned eighteen suddenly her body began to change and crave meat, more specifically bloody meat. Ace and Brendon are two of the best rogue hunters the hive has. They […]

Alpha’s Blood: A Vampire Shifter Romance

All my life I’ve trained for one purpose. One ultimate goal: kill the Vampire King. I expected a fight. Pain. Torture. I didn’t expect to want him. My body is a weapon he turns against me. But I can’t forget my fallen pack. My quest for revenge. My mission is simple: Seduce him. Earn his […]

Bad Moon Rising

First rule of Hunting: Never Hunt Alone… Unless you happen to be the trueborn daughter the original vampire and creator of their species. Almost a thousand years have passed since her turning, but her blood rage has only increased, fueling her need to deliver vengeance against the Druids who callously took her beloved mortal sister’s […]

Free: The Viscount’s Son

If Dracula and The Da Vinci Code had book babies, this trilogy would be the result… The Viscount’s Son Trilogy is perfect for fans of vampire and paranormal mysteries, psychic investigator thrillers, occult suspense, angels, demons, and lovers of a good twist. Free on Kindle.

Sweet Love and Bloodthirst: A Normal Life

A familiar face has returned to take back what’s his and he isn’t stopping until he gets it! Bryan and Lisa have been torn apart by The Vampire Court and things aren’t looking good. Bryan has completely isolated himself from the rest of the world and Lisa tries her very best to survive in prison. […]

Free: Kiss of the Vampire

Soon after moving to Paris to study, young Clara Aberdale finds herself meeting and falling in love with a charming European aristocrat. Her life takes an even more abrupt change however upon the discovery that he’s a member of an ancient vampire clan. Soon she finds herself being dragged into his world with only her […]

Free: The Vampire Wants a Wife

When Theo contacts a dating agency to find a wife, owner Shelley is astounded when her computer shows his ideal match is HER. Free on Kindle.

Vampires of the Scarlet Order (Book 1 Scarlet Order)

Vampires of the Scarlet Order is an action-adventure novel about an elite cadre of vampire mercenaries who have worked throughout history as pinpoint assassins. Under the command of Desmond, Lord Draco, the Scarlet Order was involved in wars with the Ottoman Empire, The French Revolution and even the conquest of the Americas. Now, at the […]

Free: Girl Desecrated: Vampires, Asylums and Highlanders 1984

If ANNE RICE had written THE LOST BOYS! “Sizzling sexual tension!” ~~ E.M.G. Wixley, author of The Witchfinder series. It’s Rachel’s 18th birthday, and she should be happy, but she’s got big problems, big hair (hey, it’s the 80s), and big college dreams that aren’t coming true. Her only coping skills are booze, sex, and […]

Nightlord Sunset

Eric didn’t want to be a vampire. The beautiful and mysterious Sasha made the choice for him. Now, he finds himself running from the Church of Light, figuring out magic, and riding his magical steed Bronze. Vampire meets high fantasy in this critically acclaimed introduction to the Nightlord series. “I may be dead, but I […]

Free: Blood Therapy

How silly of me to think this would be a blood-free nightmare . . . Denver psychologist Kismet Knight and the dark world of the vampires are back in this thrilling, sexy sequel to the wicked romp, The Vampire Shrink. Still reeling from the so-called vampire murders around Halloween, Kismet is trying to adjust to […]

Free: Forever & The Power of One: The Forever Series, Book 1 & 2

A thousand-year-old Vampire, her ancient sire, her fun-loving charge plus the human that’s captured her heart makes for a tangled, hot series, with twists you won’t see coming! Caught in a web of love and desire, she is torn between her three lovers with whom she could share forever. As she learns more about an […]

Vampire Mage: A Clutch Mistress Book 1

My name is Sora. Born without magic, I was cast out of my home on my twenty-first birthday. From there, a series of low-paying jobs led me down the coast to San Diego. That was where I met him: the Master Vampire of the SoCal Clutch. “A new addictive vampire saga. Unique and fast-paced. Not […]

Free: The Immortal (Boxed Set)

The entire first season of the ground-breaking new vampire series: The Immortal. Ashling is a four hundred year old vampire in the city looking to find a romance to kill for. She thought it might be the crazy girl, Nevaeh. Or it might be the new immortal on the block, Barlial. But he is insane. […]

Free: My Vampire Protector

There’s something strange about those who dwell in the rainforest. Mercedes Brulle has had little to look forward to but lonely weekends of take-out food and her ever-growing crush on her co-worker Colin Tanner. When she is forced to take a trip with her boss on a survey of supposedly isolated areas of the Ecuadorian […]

Free: All in Vein

Victor has been a vampire for centuries but he is finding it increasingly difficult to stay well fed. The brazen nature of today’s prey is only part of his problem. Moravian vampire lore requires he attack in the nude. And now his nighttime stalking has caught the attention of a strange and arresting undercover policewoman. Free […]

Free: The Key to Erebus

The truth can kill you. Taken away as a small child, from a life where vampires, the Fae, and other mythical creatures are real and treacherous, the beautiful young witch, Jéhenne Corbeaux is totally unprepared when she returns to rural France to live with her eccentric Grandmother. Thrown headlong into a world she knows nothing […]

The Devil’s Fool

Eve’s power-hungry, witch parents will kill at the slightest insult, and Eve’s unwillingness to use her own supernatural abilities is enough to incite them. Boaz, a powerful vampire, may be the only one able to save her, to give her the one thing she’s never had–love. But in Eve’s world, no one is who they […]

Free: Inclementia–Gothic Madness and Undead Love

A loveless marriage, a remote crumbling mansion, a man who was not what he seemed and an ‘impossible’ love that would lead Eudora into terrible danger and change her life in ways beyond her imagination. We cannot choose who we love. In life or in death, it will find us. A strange and twisted gothic […]

Night Shadows

“Night Shadows” is a fantasy romance. Fianna flees home to escape marriage to a man she doesn’t love. She travels to the capital of Avador. There she meets Gaderian, a man of mystery. Three men desire Fianna, but she loves only one. And in a land where demons and vampires battle for supremacy, someone is […]

Shadow of Life

Shadow of Life is the first in a sweeping saga of an ancient vampire’s struggle to retain her humanity. The daughter of an Akkadian king, Nadira was betrayed by her father, resulting in her brutal transformation into a vampire. Captured during the crusades, she fell in love with Cristo, a conquistador, but her happiness was […]

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