Daddy’s Taboo Secrets

-Lily- “You’re too young to know what you want.” I hear it all the time. But I’m sure that I want Harrison Brig. He’s brilliant, rugged, and incredibly successful. The only problem is that he’s forty-five and my late father’s best friend. Which makes him off-limits for me, because I’m just eighteen and supposedly too […]

Daddy’s GUSHING TABOO Collection (20 books from Horny House Series)

The Man of the House is dirty and depraved. The Little Brats and Princesses just aren’t enough for his standard fantasies. No, he needs them every which way from up, from turning her savage, to imprisoning her on weekends, to putting her in a robotic body, to body swapping with her completely! His mind races […]

Free: Frisson (n.) Shiver of Pleasure

Ménage à Trios-FFM-Erotica I have heightened pleasure while giving men pleasure. They want me to wrap my legs around them and invite them in. I do more than invite them in, I also feed a hunger deep in them. Men want to be desired, and I am overflowing with desire. We both get fed. My […]

Free: Pretty Boy Blue

From playing house as a child to her first kiss as a teenager, Nikki Blue knew that she was different from other girls. One day her slice of the American dream would include a white picket fence and a wife. While her family life is in upheaval and her loved ones battle around her, Nikki’s […]

The Baker’s Boy

Arabella Anderson is a woman on a mission. Her business is thriving and she is in the running to win a prestigious business award that will take her business to the next level. She doesn’t have time for distractions. But a delivery from a supplier turns her world upside down when the Baker’s Boy awakens […]

Murky Waters Rising

Crime thriller meets erotica in this story of four young girls. Lace, Jen, Nika and Sasha are from different walks of life, but grew up together during their time in the Navy and became the best of friends. They became the family to one another that they left behind. They comforted one another through heartbreaks […]

Ride Through Disaster

Van isn’t happy to be spending the summer before senior year in New York with his emotionally absent mother. He’d planned to prospect in his father’s MC so he’d be eligible to become a full member as soon as he turns eighteen, but his mother’s canceled vacation shot that plan to hell. Quinn is as […]

Free: 2 Dark Mirrors

Sexy, poetic and inspiring. 2 Dark Mirrors is an erotic tale of a woman who discovers freedom and strength through her submission to a man whose eyes she never sees. Free on Kindle.

Free: A Russian Rose

Anya knew that one day they would come for her. Never would she be forgiven for what she had done in Russia. Her life of lies was all she had and yet even that was put at risk by one man. A man with the power to lock her away, and yet….. Caleb Branigan was […]

The Con Artist

Saskia thought conning the rich tech tycoon would be easy, but when he catches her, he gives her a choice: prison, or live as his captive. Inside his gilded cage, she discovers a dark and seductive world of art and kink she never imagined he could be a part of. $0.99 on Kindle.

Mel and Shar’s Erptoc Adventures: Tales from the Boomer Life

Are baby boomers panting for Elderly Erotica? Mel and Shar, two friends of a certain age, say, “Absolutely!” So, despite the fact that neither lady has ever watched a porn video or read anything steamier than Eighties romances, they decide Elderly Erotica is their ticket to fame and fortune. Follow the adventures of Mel and […]

Free: Lust & Murder

Heather McNally loves a good mystery. So, when her boyfriend, Will Thurston, invites her to a murder mystery dinner, she’s down for the cause. As the night plays out, they get tangled in a sexy web of lust and deceit, and Heather has a few theories regarding the killer’s identity. But when Will is the […]

Violet Ends

The exciting conclusion to the Brothers series. Natasha Soriano is right in the middle of a s#*t storm that blew her world apart six years ago when her friend was kidnapped and sold into the sex trade. She’s spent every year since looking for her and living a half-life full of human trafficking stories and […]


An erotic thriller that is part Fifty Shades of Grey and part Sweet Little Lies, with a character driven exploration of pleasure, sensuality, infinite eroticism and political repercussions. $2.99 on Kindle

Saving His Curvy Mountain Bride

He’s been waiting for his Mountain Bride for 20 years. Now he’s found her and he’ll never let any harm to come to her. He must convince her to give Mountain life a try, so they can be together forever! $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: Mama

Jerry and his gals continue their steamy adventures in this fourth book of the Ken Ross Romantic/Erotic Suspense Series. They encounter MAMA, an older woman with a fine body and a host of secrets who encourages the trio to rescue two more gals from her uncles’ house. Free on Kindle.


Tanya & Rochelle’s new relationship gets hotter and hotter as they think up inventive ways to experience fresh sexual thrills. They join with their friend Charlene, make a new friend in Marty, and go to any lengths to reach maximum satisfaction in their zany experimental adventures. In the garden at midnight, or in a shop […]

Billionaire’s Curvy Miracle

Miracle Vega is weeks away from joining a convent after giving up on love. When she learns she’s been specially chosen for a reality TV dating show by handsome tech billionaire Noah Alexander, Miracle is off for three days in the sun on the set of Billionaire Fantasy! Can Miracle and Noah make a love […]

Free: Every Breath You Take (Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie and Xan, Book 1)

At a high society wedding, Georgie Johnson is introduced to Alexandre de Valentinois, a hereditary duke of nothing who flies around the world on his private planes and describes himself as “one of those despicable, idle rich men.” But Alexandre has a dark side. His name is also Xan Valentine, and he’s the rock star […]

Hidden Agenda

The first story is an erotic lesbian encounter between Mei Ling and me. It takes place at my two-bedroom condo in Mission Hills, California. I picked Mei Ling, and a bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon up at my local Liquor Store one Friday night after work. It turned out to be one of the most […]

Free: Mister Billionaire Boxed Set

What’s better than a Mister Billionaire? The Answer: Seven royal and noble Mister Billionaires who’ll wink at you with a sultry smile, save you from the bad guys, and rock your world. Yes, please! Everything in this boxed set is big, tall, ripped, and hot! This romantic suspense and romantic comedy anthology of seven full-length […]

Free: You Don’t Know Me

Maya Scotton, a young artist with a severe case of painter’s block, is in need of money. When she takes on an office job at a construction company, she finds herself firmly in the sights of the owner, Daniel Foster – a dangerously attractive man with a dark past and particular tastes in bed. Although […]

Free: Hidden Agenda

The first story is an Erotic Lesbian encounter between Mei Ling and me. It takes place at my two-bedroom condo in Mission Hills, California. I picked Mei Ling, and a bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon up at my local Liquor Store one Friday night after work. It turned out to be one of the most […]

Tie Me Down

“Maybe it’s just pregnancy hormones but I really want to lick him.” I’ve ended up in a huge mess…my ex-boyfriend Jimbo wasn’t the dark soul with a heart of gold I thought he was. When he tells me I can’t keep my baby, it’s time to get out of Seattle. A fainting episode in a […]

Free: Remodel Rapture

Emily and Noah Davis have been married for twenty-five years. With the departure of her youngest daughter, Emily is left with a quiet house and a bad case of empty nest syndrome. That is until Noah suggests a do-it-yourself home remodel. With a smoldering-hot design for a sensual, couples’ bathroom, Emily and Noah knock down […]

Asia: Good Girl

Following an exciting day at the office filled with emergency Board Meetings, top-level firings and an acquaintance nearly taking advantage of her, VP Asia Daniels, wakes up in a bedroom that isn’t her own. What in the world is going on? She’s told that she is there for her safety and protection. Then, she’s issued […]

Imogen: A Dark Romantic Thriller

He was her enemy. She was his war spoils. He promised to try to keep her safe, but could he keep her safe from falling in love with the very man she should despise? Imogen: A Dark Romantic Thriller is a story full of twists, where two flawed people are thrust into a dystopian world […]

Wicked Words

Let Natasha’s wickedly naughty words transport you to a world of endless explicit ecstasy. This 60 book collection is bursting at the seams with seductive tales of swingers, hotwives, cuckqueans, lesbians, nymphos, virgins, breeders, steps, voyeurs, and so much more. Enjoy every kinky page of this deep dive into the dirty mind of Natasha Bender. […]


Tanya and Rochelle have just moved in together after a brief affair. They continue their sexual adventures with themselves, and with friends, and in different locations. They seek perfect fulfillment, and certainly find the secret to bliss when they buy a pair one one-piece silk body suits. $1.27 on Kindle.

Garland of Pleasures

As part of a prison work program, Tack designs interactive virtual sex games. In a scant three years he has developed a reputation as a “span master” whose imagination can always bridge between two lusting organic life-forms in a coupling of wild ecstasy. That’s how the warden advertises his services on a galactic billboard. Although […]

Free: Wild Release

When the strikingly handsome bad-boy Ryan Becker is hired to save the dealership from a hostile takeover, Cassidy’s world is thrown into emotional chaos. She finds herself unexpectedly drawn to his seductive good looks and audacious sales tactics but vows to maintain her distance. However, Ryan has his own secret intentions and sinful desires. Setting […]

Wild Nights

Getting over a bad breakup isn’t easy for anybody, especially when it’s your fiancée, the man you thought you would marry and spend the rest of your life with. So when Laura moves to New Orleans hoping for a fresh start, she finds herself working as a cocktail waitress at a hip club near Bourbon […]

Free: Wild Crush

After years of planning and preparing, culinary hotshot Olivia Reece has finally succeeded in opening her own bakery, Sweet Delight. Both determined and confident that everything will go according to plan, Olivia has never felt more in control of herself, and of her own destiny in her entire life. Or so she thought until one […]

Wild Games

Elizabeth Penrose, Liza for short, is back on her feet for the first time in years. After a rough breakup that left her in ruins, Liza has dusted off the old remains of her college relationship and joined the family restaurant business. But after everything seems to be going in her favor, her old lover, […]

Mentor’s Math

Sought after architect, Kate Herrington wasn’t planning to attend the large conference in Berlin. But when the project she was working on finishes sooner than expected, she changes her mind. Unfortunately, as a last-minute registrant, she can’t find a hotel room nearby. Feeling somewhat desperate, she calls Fritz Brose, an acquaintance who lives in Berlin […]

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