The Cost of Love Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

This boxed set contains the first 3 books in the Cost of Love series! The Cost of Hope: Soleil has no delusions of living a grand life. The only thing she wants is safety for her daughter. But when even that seems impossible she takes matters into her own hands. Only life has a different […]

Asia: Good Girl

Following an exciting day at the office filled with emergency Board Meetings, top-level firings and an acquaintance nearly taking advantage of her, VP Asia Daniels, wakes up in a bedroom that isn’t her own. What in the world is going on? She’s told that she is there for her safety and protection. Then, she’s issued […]

Draft Day

I’m riding high. A successful college football career means I’m about to sign with the NFL?and I have all the women I want. When Deja shows up at my football practice, I’m shocked at the changes in her. When we were in foster care as kids, I always protected her, and she needs me more […]


After escaping their home, six aliens, including Benzen, hope to find freedom on a different planet. They end up crashing onto a strange planet, a strange culture, and even stranger inhabitants. They expected to learn some new things. However, one didn’t expect to find love. The Orba warriors are on the run from their people, now that […]

Free: Sincerely Yours

As if being undercover for my column wasn’t bad enough, now I have to deal with sexy come ons from playboy athlete Duncan Steele. Sure, his green eyes are intense and mesmerizing. But he’s not going to pull one over on me and he’s definitely not taking me to bed. Besides, I have to deal […]

Free: Versus, A McShannon Finale

  All the McShannon brothers want is go about their lives with the women they love. But a power vacuum has been left behind during their father’s imprisonment. A new threat rises from the south. A notorious Italian boss hellbent on taking revenge over Boston’s infamous family… Love and Redemption for the McShannon Men in this 4 […]

Test Drive

All her life Ellie has kept her head in the books and done everything right. She’s never taken a wrong turn until she gets lost dropping off a classmate on the wrong side of town. To make matters worse, she blows a tire and then is surrounded by a group of street racers. They offer […]

Emeralds Aren’t Forever

Is one emerald worth this much trouble? From Cartagena to Curaçao, they combat thieves determined to take an emerald she has.  From Bonaire to Banning Island, they dodge bullets and assassins.  With one emerald causing so much trouble, Sarah wishes she’d thrown it overboard. Too late for that now.  Through no fault of her own, […]

Reckless Attraction

My estranged husband, Rich, is a habitual cheater. He says he has a problem with commitment because he’s messed up in the head. I’ve called him on it more than once. No one likes a liar, no matter how handsome he is. He says he wants me to have casual sex with another man to […]

More Than a Client

When Martin Johansson goes out of his way to make amends with Tiffany Winters, a dissatisfied customer, he doesn’t expect the sight of the Nubian beauty to throw him for a loop. He wants to satisfy her in more ways than one. After one date, he knows that engaging in just a business relationship with […]

Someone Like You

Stacy Williams is bold, confident, and adventurous. One of the best teachers in the church school system where she teaches, she is staggered to find out that despite her competence and excellent teaching skills, she is expendable in the game of religious politics. In short order, she finds herself out of a job; and very […]

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