Free: Viral Intent: Terror in New Orleans (Alexandra Destephano Book 3)

The President Is In New Orleans, And a Deadly Virus Is On The Loose. While the President and members of Congress visit the Big Easy for a political convention, an unidentified killer virus is wreaking havoc in the Crescent City emergency room. Physicians are baffled, hospital staff frightened, and the CDC is en route to […]

Raw Nerve

A fast-paced political action thriller! Set in 1997, Janice N. Mathias, the Governor of Georgia, looks set to be the next President of the United Sates of America – She also happens to be black. How will the Ku Klux Klan respond? Gideon is the man who makes the difference as he tears the dark […]

Free: Murder So Final

Political intrigue in 1972 U.S. Senate race with Tommy Jacks, political reporter, in the cross-hairs, dodging threats and bullets. A preacher, oil tycoon and liberal professor running for office in middle America. Jacks is caught in the ugly whirlpool of lies and murder. Free on Kindle.

Free: Once I Was A Soldier

Francesca Clark-Bartlett, wife of the American Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, seeks more power than she already has. Meanwhile, the attractive yet naive Melissa Iverson wishes she had never inherited her family’s vast fortune. After they both become entangled with a 44-year-old, womanizing British intelligence agent, the two women find themselves in a web of deception […]

Free: The Dead Don’t Talk

Danny Ryle is a political fixer. He is asked to solve a murder that was never solved. Working on Long Island, he first seeks the help of a retired professional killer–his father. Free on Kindle.

Free: Zombie Bot (Spyware Book 1)

Zombies, hackers and U.S. Senators—what could be scarier? A modern sci-fi political satire where cable news & social media is used to infect the brains of the American public! Hacker Eddy Pending has discovered the virus, but is forced to run from the deadly Men in Rose Coloured Glasses. “the tension-ridden tale progresses…until its stellar […]

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