Free: The Alter

A CIA paper-pusher. A bloodthirsty monster. One man’s nightmare just came true. James Hyde feels like a failure. His dream to become a field operative has fallen into ruins through his botched training. Sidelined to monitor the comms, he listens with terror when an ambush murders everyone but him. Declared a mole by his boss, […]

Free: The Dead Don’t Talk

Danny Ryle is a political fixer. He is asked to solve a murder that was never solved. Working on Long Island, he first seeks the help of a retired professional killer–his father. Free on Kindle.

Vanishing Point

Bereft from the loss of an old friend, Sutton Mills has fallen into disreputable habits. That is until Fin finds a case for him to look into: the mysterious hit-and-run of a young man called Christopher Masters. Chris didn’t have any friends, any hobbies, and he certainly didn’t have any enemies. Why then does it […]

The Burden of Sweetberry

The Burden of Sweetberry is a powerful story of adultery, murder, and betrayal. Sweetberry searches for redemption after her lover murders her fiance on the churchyard. Can even the blood of Jesus wash away her sins or will the ghost of Luther drive her insane? $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: The Servant Girl Murders (Book 2)

America’s first serial killer is on the loose… It’s 1885 in Austin, Texas, and a string of grisly murders has put the entire country on edge. Eight murders have happened within city limits, each in eerily similar circumstances, and the police are no closer to catching the culprit than when they started. Austin needs a […]

Taking on Water

James is a social worker with a troubled past who meets Tucker, a down-on-his-luck New England lobsterman. The two men and their families live in a New Hampshire coastal town that’s caught amid a squall of drugs and violence. As James and Tucker become close, their fates, and the fate of their loved ones become entangled […]

Native Blood

The ritualistic killing of a young Apache girl plunges Sheriff Zeb Hanks into a snake pit of suspects. He must partner with an old rival to unravel the mystery and bring the killer to justice. Fans of Longmire and Tony Hillerman will enjoy getting to know Zeb Hanks, a modern lawman who strives for justice […]

Before Poughkeepsie: Living with a Body Collector

You must read this book if you ever wanted to know about a Serial Killer before they descend into their murderous ways. This is your chance to see what happened before thirty-year-old Wendy Myers disappeared in October 1996. People familiar with the case and who later became familiar with Kendall François believe that this rape […]

Free: Un-Making a Murderer: The Framing of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey

“Finally, an amazingly honest book that details exactly how my brother was set up” – Brad Dassey Innocent people do go to jail. Sometimes mistakes are made. But even more terrifying is when the authorities conspire to frame them. That’s what happened to Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, who were convicted of murder and are […]

No Reason to Hide

Evil knows your name, he extends his hand, and charms you into the abyss. Navajo cop Jessica Akee finds the body of a young male sprawled in the weeds behind a convenience store on the Reservation. What at first looks like just another gang killing is a far more disturbing murder. On loan from the […]

Lake Girl

Lily Lane died at the lake. To move on, she must solve her own murder and save others from a similar fate. $2.99 on Kindle.

Free: The Black Heart: A Dark Disturbing Cannibalistic Murder Thriller

Nepolai’s darkest secret is being used against him after not covering his tracks. With a campus student dead he struggles to keep a low profile from a relentless detective while being controlled by a woman desperate to save her sister’s life. Free on Kindle.

Free: Hill of Secrets

On a blooming May morning, the five bodies of a religious family are found in their apartment in the quiet suburb of Samuel’s Hill (Giv’at Shmuel). Detective Hadas Levinger, the renegade atheist daughter of a religious family, is put in charge of the police investigation. Slowly and skillfully she peels away the shell protecting this […]

Free: Missing Persons

Detective Inspector Rafferty never could say no. If someone asked her for help, she gave it. No ifs or buts. When a troubled girl from Rafferty’s past calls asking for help to find her missing boyfriend, Rafferty can’t stop herself rushing to the rescue. She has to find him, get him home safe, and do […]

Free: Out of a Dark Reflection

Murray’s most frightening case to date… Letho, Fife, 1816: Murray and his guests all have good reasons for not attending Edinburgh’s winter season, even down to the new maid. But then an old woman is found dead in the village, and murmurings of witchcraft are abroad. Suddenly everyone seems to have the darkest of secrets […]

Gaviota: The Nude Beach Murders

When a series of murders occur at a southern California nude beach and the local police seem indifferent, hunky physical trainer Jeff Ross and beautiful, sexy horse trainer Nikki Desjardins decide to take matters into their own hands and catch the killer and determine his or her motive as well.. $0.99 on Kindle.

Masks of Betrayal

Eugene Fellig goes from hero to suspect overnight. After tackling, then photographing the arrest of a serial rapist with ties to a secretive group of child abusers, he becomes their target. To prove his innocence, he’ll have to come to terms with his own dark past and unite with former enemies in an effort to […]

Free: Saving Texas

From KIRKUS reviews. “Texas reporter-turned-editor Annie Price once again finds herself immersed in deceit, political conflict, and murder in Stancill’s (Saving Texas, 2013) thriller. Even if she’s not a crime-solver, the beguiling protagonist should attract readers just as much as she attracts trouble and men.” Free on Kindle.


Arson, murder, lies and gators… do they add up to the answer Chloe’s been seeking since her childhood friend vanished years ago? Join this swamp-dwelling, resilient reporter as she uncovers the truth in her not-so-homey hometown. (2016 IPPY Awards Silver Medal Winner!) $0.99 on Kindle.

Mash Up

When a suspect dies on his watch, failure pushes Alaskan detective Qigiq to San Francisco–the land of magical technology–to regroup. His new fast-driving partner, Kandy Dreeson, calls at dawn: a beautiful avant-garde violinist is at the station freaking out about an Amazon box–and her missing roommate. Thus begins the hunt for a killer who leaves […]

With Full Malice

JUSTICE, or REVENGE? They passed the ruby basket to vote who will live and who will die: A paroled sex offender in CA; a drug-addicted mother in LA, or a food critic turned investigative reporter in Yucaipa who’s too close to the truth. Who is next on their list? $0.99 on Kindle.

Free Crime Fiction: Carnies and Wildcats: Ulciscor

Murder and Revenge in the Deep South In November 1980, one week after the crosstown competitors squared off for their last game of the season, someone raised the stakes beyond the realm of petty vandalism and theft and committed a cruel, monstrous act. The carnival was in town with its rides, games, and sideshows and […]

Legend of War Creek

On August 18, 1882, Joe La Fleur discovered a gold-bearing quartz vein near the headwaters of War Creek, high in the Cascade Range of Washington State. Later the same day . . . he lost it. One hundred and thirty years later, geologist Trace Brandon re-discovers the vein, guarded by a skeleton with a flint […]

Beach Town Boogie

Despite her recent divorce, Cass Destry has been fairly content plying her trade as a private investigator and living alone in her Galveston Island beach home. But things have gotten a bit more complex lately. This week she’s been stalked, attacked, and embroiled in a murder investigation. And it’s only Thursday. $0.99 on Kindle.

Everything Burns

When Reece Johnston was a boy, a fire destroyed his home, killing his mother and brothers while leaving him scarred for life. It also kindled something dark inside him: an irresistible attraction to flames in all their terrifying, tantalizing power. But after two failed arson attempts—and two trips to the mental ward—he was finally able […]

Free: Mash Up

“Klingler makes supreme use of his tech knowledge in a grisly mystery that strives to address the ethics of content ownership. His effortlessly clever prose makes the subject thoroughly entertaining…a thoughtful, well-constructed tale.”—Kirkus Reviews “Cleverly designed, [Mash Up] is the perfect detective read, as well as a classic addition to the noir genre.” — San […]


Photofinish is a suspense novel written in a tight, wide-appeal style for adults. The length is approximately 78,500 words, or 340 pages. SYNOPSIS and SETUP: Rory Kind I, a wellknown horse-trainer, is killed at night alone at his racetrack stable. His death occurs from a blow to the head, after a charity meet where heavy attendance […]

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