Savage Bay Nightmare

A brutal crime and a decades old double murder leads Investigative journalist, Lucy Hush to the small coastal town of Savage Bay. A town where asking questions can be deadly. $0.99 on Kindle.

Palm Beach Nasty

For fans of Carl Hiaasen, Elmore Leonard, and Stuart Woods comes Tom Turner’s “entertaining debut” (Publishers Weekly) set in glitzy Palm Beach, FL? Where the residents are as treacherous as they are rich. Burned out by high-profile murders in New York and his love life splashed all over Page Six, homicide cop Charlie Crawford heads […]

Free: Fruits of Evil

Caught between warring crime factions, Alice Trent is on the run again. Abducted by Vegas mobsters, she now finds herself caught up in their money-laundering scheme. They make her an offer she can’t refuse…accept their terms or end up in a hole in the desert. Free on Kindle.

The Devil in the Details: Siblings of the Shadows (Book 2)

A serial killer…captured…imprisoned…but with his final words he sent chills through the entirety of the FBI. More were going to die. The murders already sent into motion by his arrest and only his immediate release could stop the victim’s bodies from being delivered to their families…piece by piece. Book 2 in the “Siblings of the […]

Origins: The Road to Power

Sixteen-year-old Lamont Jones is tired of being broke and makes a decision that will affect the rest of his life: He’s going to sell drugs on the streets of Leeds. What follows is an action-packed rollercoaster, with high-stakes, kidnappings and street strategies of the highest order. Suffocating under power plays, passionate romances, and alliances, Lamont […]

Lingering In The Dark

What do you do when everything you believe is proved untrue? Both Franklin and Sarah Oswald know that, logically, the stories couldn’t be true. Demonised, homicidal spirits of the Baxter family roaming the halls when they had been murdered decades before? It’s the stuff from horror novels; tales used to frighten children. When they move […]

Free: The Alter

A CIA paper-pusher. A bloodthirsty monster. One man’s nightmare just came true… James Hyde feels like a failure. His dream to become a field operative has fallen into ruins through his botched training. Sidelined to monitor the comms, he listens with terror when an ambush murders everyone but him. Declared a mole by his boss, […]

Free: Walk into Darkness

He took the long walk into darkness. Now he was in a fight for his life. When a wave of violence sweeps over once quiet neighborhoods, claiming innocent lives, The Hunters are called on to find a way to stop it. A young police officer joins the team and is asked to walk into a […]

Closer Than You Think (A Broken Minds Thriller)

Somebody’s been watching Bryce for a long time. Somebody who knows his life inside and out—his fears, his regrets, his greatest longings and deepest despairs. Somebody with access to his most private places—his workplace, his home, his family…anywhere Bryce might have felt safe. No matter how close Bryce gets to the deadly truth, the enigmatic […]

The Dead of Winter

Four young professionals pick the wrong weekend to visit a popular Pumpkin Patch Bed and Breakfast. Like the thousands of other visitors to Winters Farm and Orchard, Dillon, Tara, Josh, and Julia are eager to pick apples and pumpkins and take the challenge of the Giant Corn Maze. But their host has other plans and […]

Unspeakable Grudges

A puzzling series of murders collides with a messy big-money divorce in this taut, vivid mystery set in the dramatic mountains of the Southwest. $3.99 on Kindle

Free: Deadly Dancing

Fans of Janet Evanovich will love this fun dive into the criminal underworld with feisty sidekicks and hilarious encounters. It’s mystery, romance, and comedy all rolled up into one nail-biting, laugh-out-loud adventure. Free on Kindle.

When the Clock Strikes Fourteen (A Blake Meyer Thriller – Book 4)

Supervisory Special Agent Blake Meyer is still attempting to locate a contagion designed to send America to the Dark Ages. In the midst of this mission, Blake’s enemies are becoming trusted allies. His allies are becoming lethal enemies. And as payment for fifteen years of pent up revenge, his family, abducted from their home, are […]

Free: Fields’ Guide to Abduction

When her heart is broken, Poppy Fields, Hollywood IT girl extraordinaire, agrees to a week at the newest, most luxurious resort in Cabo. After all, what’s better than the beach when a girl is feeling blue? But, when Poppy is abducted, she’ll need all her smarts, all her charm, and a killer Chihuahua, to save […]

Doomsday Hand

The Ancient Legend that Became a real-world Nightmare. What starts off as a dreadful murder in London soon becomes a race against time to save humanity. $0.99 on Kindle.

Caged to Kill

Just released out after 30 years of solitary confinement, Phillip Dawkins is a mentally troubled and lost ex-con. His lawyer, David Thompson, and his family want to help. When Phillip says he’s thinking about killing David and his family, the lawyer must untangle the ex-con’s past before a serial killer is unleashed. When your life […]

Murder in Italy

Florence, Italy, and a wedding. Sardinia, Italy, and a murder. Is there a choice? For Kat and Blaine, there wasn’t. A romantic trip to Florence to take part in a wedding becomes a search for the groom’s best friend’s murderer in Sardinia. $3.99 on Kindle.

Free: Contact, Three True Encounters

Transcribed from the field notes of explorer M.G. Hawking’s sixty-two months in remote regions of the Himalayas, this book contains detailed narratives of three actual encounters he and his companions experienced with individuals they believe to have been the true Ri-iha-mo, the “celestial beings” of ancient legends. During their encounters, the Ri-iha-mo disclosed profound revelations […]

White Magic

A fictional story of lies, jealousy, & betrayals far more devastating than anyone could have imagined. The erotic setting of the Mediterranean is only surpassed by the sensual acts of lovemaking. $3.00 on Kindle.

Free: Target

You can have the world and still desire freedom. Lamont Jones is Teflon. An intelligent modern-day criminal, he has carved an empire on the streets of Leeds alongside his childhood friends. The street life is ever-changing, however, and more money leads to mounting problems. After over a decade of dirt, Lamont is depressed and desperate […]

Free: Stalking Jack

The SS City of New York is about to embark on its maiden voyage to London. This lavish liner will have its passengers filled with wonder at its opulence. Madeline Donovan has set sail for London to escape a painful occurrence in her life, but instead she is drawn into the intrigue of a mystery […]

Free: The Cost of Crude

Gwynn Reznick’s life is shattered when her best friend and co-worker at Wilton Oil & Gas Company dies in a car crash. She doubts it was an accident. Her suspicion is confirmed when a private investigator, Ruben Dordi, shows up at her door. His team has discovered a trail of unusual deaths and disappearances among […]

Free: Capital Kill

A few short blocks from the safety of the museums and monuments on the National Mall, a ruthless murderer roams the Capital, stalking his prey. Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask joins a team of FBI agents and police detectives as they try and solve a series of brutal murders. As the body count rises, the investigation […]

Free: The Black Ledger

“Do you have any problems working with black people?” Chicago has been a war zone for the last 50 years. Gangs shoot up the streets, while corrupt politicians and predatory businesses get rich by stealing from the poor. In a place fraught with danger and fueled by poverty, a young white man named Ron Pickles […]

Free: Culture Man

Rob develops superpowers and has to battle a supervillain, who’s stalking Winchester, England’s ancient capital. Tennis, culture, superheroes and Winchester are “melded into one gloriously fun romp”. Thrown into the mix is a grumpy scientist, star-crossed not-quite-lovers, best mates, a mysterious villain, slices of ordinary life and (perhaps) an evil genius in the background…all hurtling […]

Free: The Workers of Iniquity

A bankrupt client. A missing husband. One cyber sleuth will follow the money trail to the root of all evil. When hacker-turned-private-investigator C.T. Ferguson’s old acquaintance falls on hard times, he vows to solve the mystery of her missing husband and empty bank account. Following the digital trail, he uncovers a grisly hotel room crime […]

The Fall of El Pantera

The Fall of El Pantera is a ripping yarn that looks at Irish society in an absolutely honest, absolutely merciless way. Revenge, murder, corruption and the destructive power of fame and wealth are all dealt with in this contemporary thriller set between Ireland, London and Spain. $0.99 on Kindle.

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