Free: The SEXY Diet

The SEXY Diet is a powerful four-part weight loss system that will speed up your metabolism and turn on your skinny genes. How do you turn on your skinny genes? Author, Summer Peterson points out that while it is true that you are stuck with the genes you were born with, you were born with […]

Free: Think Differently

A simple method of lowering and maintaining a stable blood sugar level. Learn how to: – Gradually avoiding medication for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and their side effects. – Reducing bodily weight and with time reach a desired weight without suffering. – Living a healthy and even healthier life than non-diabetic days. Free on Kindle.

Your Diet Is Bullsh*t: A Simple Guide to Losing Weight

Your Diet is Bullsh*t will tell you the truth about weight loss. The weight loss industry is full of lies and misinformation. In this refreshingly honest guide, you will learn the simple truth on how to lose weight. No fad diets, no paid programs, no bullsh*t. It’s time to start over in your understanding of […]

The Paleo Cookbook – 20 Quick and Easy Paleo Recipes For Beginners

This book will give you answers to all your questions about Paleo cooking and and it includes 20 easy-to-make Paleo recipes. $0.99 on Kindle.

The Great Diet Deception: From Diet Rules and Illness to Instinctual Eating and Good Health

“Restrict ‘evil’ foods such as sugar, salt, saturated fat, grains, meat, and dairy.” “Drink fluids beyond thirst, restrict calories below hunger levels, and exercise daily” “Eat unpalatable health foods like raw vegetables, chia seeds, and kale smoothies.” Most of us have heard and used at least some of this advice from health and diet ‘experts’ […]

Diet & Weight Loss Motivation Secrets You Wish You Knew: Stop the Struggle, End the Guilt, and Enjoy Vibrant Health

Do you need motivation to lose weight and start eating healthier today? Dr. Susan Albers, a food psychologist and author of seven books including the New York Times bestseller, EatQ, and 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, will help you find the motivation to achieve your goals. Dr. Albers will share the latest scientific […]

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